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These Suppliers Created An Enchanted Star Magical Prom

The Bridgerton theme and concept was a collaboration between Star Magic, Charisse Tinio, lady boss of Nice Print Photo and event stylist, Dave Sandoval

There was a time when the prom was but a nostalgic teeny-bopper event that marked the high school student’s life.  The themes that accompanied this event were on the simple side such as “Wonderful Tonight,” or “Over The Moon.”  There was even a lot of pressure to show up with a date that most likely, a person one’s parents chose for that evening.

Nowadays, it isn’t so anymore.  This new generation of prom attendees know exactly what they want, won’t ruffle their feathers about finding a date, confident that it’s okay to go stag.  Because of social media, they are also very much aware of how they want to look for the big event, and how they want their surroundings to feel.  This generation is more aware of aesthetics than any of its predecessors because nowadays,  as in most events, memories are preserved on Instagram, TikTok and various social media networks, after all.

When Star Magic does an event with the prom theme, you can count on all these variables to level up.  For the first ever Star Magical Prom, the talent management arm of ABS-CBN collaborated with none other than the pillars of the event industry: Charisse Tinio of Nice Print Photo and Dave Sandoval.  These big names provided the memorable details for the evening of March 30.  A few days before the event, Metro.Style caught up with the tandem on the highlights of their concept for the prom.

(L): Charisse Tinio of Nice Print Photos and (R): Dave Sandoval, event stylist, the team who provided the concept behind the Star Magic Ball. | Metro.Style Team
Hire These Pros For A Celebration As Spectacular As The Star Magical Party 2022


Hire These Pros For A Celebration As Spectacular As The Star Magical Party 2022

“Like every time, we are very happy to be part of the Star Magic events.  When we were first talking about it, Director Lauren Dyogi asked me for some ideas on the event.  Then I consulted with Dave from the very beginning.  We had to make sure that it would be first achievable before we actually pitched it.  Since Direk Lauren wanted it to be young and fresh, and I wanted it to be appealing in my photos, I came up with the Bridgerton theme. I felt that it was going to be cute, romantic, sweet, not only for the debutante participants, but also for the sweet 16 ladies that will be there, and it’s very relatable.  Bridgerton is well-loved, a lot of people have watched it, and as Dave said, it will be timeless and elegant,” shares Charisse Tinio, owner of Nice Print Photo.

Dave Sandoval, event stylist who is known for his signature classic and enduring look reveals, “The concept [may be from the Netflix series, Bridgeron], but [you won’t see] the typical Bridgerton.  I’m tweaking it para magkaroon siya ng its own style.  Pretty much, it’s the Dave Sandoval style which is timeless and elegant. 

[It is] full of florals in subtle, pastel colors, pale blue, blush and peach with greenery.  We want to achieve a garden-inspired vibe.  Very youthful and fresh.

We are using a lot of fresh flowers for this.  We had them imported from Holland, Ecuador and Japan.  It’s a very “floralful” event.”

A star-studded event is never complete without the requisite red carpet where the celebrities walk garbed in sensational numbers by notable fashion designers.  Tonight, however, the red carpet is replaced by the ivory carpet for the young Star Magic talents.

Within the main hall, the soft glow of candles, accompanied by the glint of sparkling chandeliers illuminate the venue.   Referencing the gardens of grand European manors, arches covered in foliage were made especially for the event, providing the architectural detail that transport both attendees and viewers of the livestream event to another era.   Frothy flowers in pastel shades, hanging from the ceiling, as centerpieces and on the periphery of the dance floor are the highlight of the design.  The Bridgerton theme, endowed with touches of Marie Antoinette’s Versailles, inspired by photos from Dave Sandoval’s travels, was certainly achieved here.  The culmination of all of these is a magical prom night that will surely be memorable for the Star Magic artists, staff, their suppliers and fans.

Main hall at the Star Magical Ball, designed by Dave Sandoval. | Metro.Style Team

“It’s always easy working with Star Magic.  They always know how to take care of suppliers.  Very loyal and masarap magmahal,” Charisse Tinio volunteers, summing up her team’s experience in working with Star Magic for the Star Magical Prom.

Dave Sandoval, echoes the sentiment, stating that as a fan himself, he looked forward not just to the act of designing the event, but seeing the artists grace his  Bridgerton-inspired prom set.