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For Mother's Day, Make Dinner At Home Extra Special With Pretty Pieces From These Two Homeware Online Stores

Update your table decor and dinnerware with items from these two shops!

Isn’t it more appetizing when the dinner table is also a visual treat? And it doesn’t just apply to food presentation—a beautiful table setting makes a banquet more palatable. It’s a feast for the eyes, as they say.

Turn an otherwise boring meal around and make merry-making an appealing event for all! As simple as placing charming table accessories or laying sophisticated cutlery that speak of your taste as a host can elevate the aura and mood of a gathering from simple to grand. Investing in such pieces is key to hosting success!  You don't need a special reason for a pretty dinner table, but Mother's Day is right around the corner.  Surprise her with a home-cooked dinner set on fresh serve ware with new cutlery.  

To help you gather your kitchen and dining arsenal, we took to Instagram and found two online stores where you can get a lineup of stylish home goodies in a click of a button. If you’re thinking of getting some shopping done without leaving the house (it’s specially safe to stay indoors nowadays!), check out Krete Manila and Métier Home for selections of pretty dining ware and table accessories you need to grab ASAP!

Krete Manila (@kretemanila)

What started out as a need to create concrete planters gave birth to concrete home decor brand Krete Manila. Owners Daniel and Viktoria, back then, saw the potential of the material and started to branch out to other home items, like trays, pots, plant holders, and more. Their style lies on Brutalism—which stemmed from French word ‘brut,’ meaning raw. That’s exactly what their pieces speak of—bare and straight-forward, but always makes a statement. Must-buy: the Catch-All Tray in Confetti Finish, which is one of their bestsellers. Check out their collection of coasters and pots, too!

The Catch-All Tray in various designs
The Catch-All Tray in Confetti finish
Black tray and pots

Métier Home (

Flexible—this is what Métier Home offers the crowd. Not limiting to a certain style or aesthetic, the brand’s range of products is a pleasing weave of modern, transitional, and traditional. Their designs are current and relevant, with a timeless appeal. Each creation is made with the consumer in mind, prioritizing what looks would bring out their individual taste and personality. Their pillow cases and wall art are favorites, if dinnerware isn’t enough purchase! Must-buy: The hexagonal marble coasters, glass milk carton container, pastel-colored geometric trays, the matte cutlery, and plates in various colorful designs! 

Metier Home Geometric Trays

This 4-piece geometric tray will hold your nuts and pica-pica. Should you decide not to use these as part of your dinner ensemble, they may go on your vanity as a catch-all. They also look spiffy enough to be on a prominent area like the coffee table.

  • Metier Home Geometric Trays

Metier Home Terrazzo Plate

Round bone china plates in speckled designs that recall terrazzo come in 2 sizes and 3 hues.

  • Metier Home Terrazzo Plate

Metier Home Leaf Tea Dessert Spoon and Fork

2-piece Leaf Tea Dessert Spoon and Fork come in gold and silver.

  • Metier Home Leaf Tea Dessert Spoon and Fork

Metier Home's Bicoloured Round Placemats

These Bicoloured Round Placemats are reversible and made of PVC leather.

  • Metier Home's Bicoloured Round Placemats

Metier Home Slim Decorative Vase

This slim decorative vase comes in 6 shapes and soft colors.

  • Metier Home Slim Decorative Vase

Metier Home Two-toned Cutlery

Solid stainless steel cutlery with gold finish is a 4-piece set.

  • Metier Home Two-toned Cutlery