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8 Fun And Fresh Tablescape Ideas For Your Summer Parties At Home

Throwing a summer party at home? Below are some tips and visual inspiration to guide you as you create a tablescape that echoes the fun and fresh mood of the season. 


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1. Class it up with roses.

A cluster of roses can make anything look classy easily. These dainty blooms help create a simple but elegant table spread, just like Teddy Manuel’s work for Metro’s recent summer party held in Boracay.

Here's a secret to styling roses: use different colors to give depth to your design. Pink and white roses make for a feminine combination that's easy on the eyes yet leaves a lasting impression. 


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Photos from @teddymanuel


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2. Bring the outside in. 

If you want to incorporate the beauty of the outdoors to your entertaining setup, minus the hot weather, why not bring the outside in? Simulate the freshness of summer by complementing your table setting with fresh plant and flower accents.


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Photos from @teddymanuel



3. Add a splash of yellow.

If there's a color that screams summer the most, that's definitely yellow. Yellow like the sun and yellow like the tulips that symbolize happy thoughts. Take your cue from the stunning creation of Gideon Hermosa for Julia Barretto’s 22nd birthday. Use elements like sunflowers, orchids, tulips, and yellow roses, and gather them in a beautiful arrangement; their various tones of yellow are a pretty sight because they harmonize really well. You can even throw in lemons in there for a bit of zest!


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Photos from @gideonhermosa


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4. Try an Alice in Wonderland-themed setting.

Dress up your tablescape and let it be in character! Look at how Robert Blancaflor brought to life Alice in Wonderland in this fun and quirky themed tablescape. Throw in colorful balloons for that touch of whimsy, bring in different chairs just like in the Mad Tea Party, and go crazy by placing props like hats on the table.


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Photos from @robblancaflor



5. Go tropical.

Imagine whisking your guests away to the tropical paradise of Bali as you bring together colorful flowers and lush plant arrangements.

Just like tropical architecture, tropical design aims to bring a certain level of comfort by recreating the cool and casual feel of the outdoors. Pair greeneries with wood elements to achieve that vibe. Incorporate tropical colors like tangerine, green, turquoise, and coral.


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Photos from @michaelruizeventstyling



6. Create your own Parisian garden.

There are two key elements  achieving a Parisian garden setup: pinks and flowers. Play with different shades of pinks to beautify your table, incorporating a few violet hues here and there for some contrast. Tulip accents also give an additional layer of visual interest to the composition. Decorate with crystal candelabras and glass details to further achieve elegance.


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Photos from @michaelruizeventstyling



7. Bring your rustic, barn setting vision to life.

Rustic is a popular theme for outdoor parties, but can also be easily achieved indoors, if done well. Combine wooden furniture and accents with greeneries, a combination that should be a recurring theme in your setup.

Rustic doesn’t have to be all greens and browns, though. Adding touches of white lends a certain elegance, too, while pops of gold exude a luxe appeal and dashes of orange brighten up the tablescape.


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Photos from @michaelruizeventstyling


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8. Go wild. 

For the more daring and adventurous entertainer, go the extra mile and go wild! Roses, tulips, and hydrangeas are favorites when it comes to decorating, but if you’re bold enough, you can play with exotic flowers to transform your spread into a true conversation starter. Use a combination of cockscombs, birds of paradise, young sunflowers, ornamental wheat, and acanea. Bring in a giant king protea if you’re gutsy enough, too.


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Photos from @joclaravall


Photos from @gideonhermosa @michaelruizeventstyling