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The Best Luxury Kitchen Appliances That Are Perfect For Your Al Fresco Dining Events

The Wolf Outdoor Grill and the Sub-Zero Refrigeration Drawers


At the Sub-Zero & Wolf kitchen brands al fresco event held at the Focus Global Building, BGC, the "meat" of the launch (besides the Beef Sliders, Leg of Lamb, Smoked Pork Ribs) was the picnic-inspired tasting menu created by guest chef, Tony Boy Escalante of Antonio’s Tagaytay fame.

Judging by the media frenzy that saw countless photos, video footage, and requests for selfies alongside Mr. Escalante, it would be easy to presume that Tony Boy was the veritable Rockstar of the event. But if you paid attention to Chef Tony as he was cooking and grilling the grand fare that was laid out for the assembled guests, he was, in fact, sharing the limelight with the laconic Outdoor Kitchen Suite of the strong, silent-type brands, Sub-Zero & Wolf.


Chef Tony Boy Escalante of Antonio's Tagaytay

The Wolf Outdoor Grill was undoubtedly as big a Rockstar as Tony Boy. Making chef-style cooking possible outdoors, it has individually contained burners that give one the freedom and flexibility to work with varying temperatures. The 36-inch models and wider even have a dedicated sear zone - excellent for sealing juices and flavors of your steaks. A built-in Rotisserie system allows one to rotate a whole chicken or leg of lamb, and hold up to 11 kilograms of weight.

The Wolf Warming Drawers are another well-thought out Outdoor product. Available in 30- and 36-inch widths, these Drawers are ideal for busing out dishes in a consistent quality and temperature in numbers. Just don’t set out feeding the whole "barangay." It’s culinary multi-tasking made easy.


As for the Sub-Zero Outdoor Refrigeration Drawer, it's engineered to take on ambient temperatures of up to 43-degree Celsius without "breaking a sweat". Heavy gauge stainless steel withstands UV rays, salt and moisture - the perennial enemies of outdoor cooking as they corrode lesser quality materials. Efficiently sealed to lock in cold to ensure food preservation and storage, these drawers were built to create an ideal low temperature, high humidity inner environment.

Tony Boy’s Antonio’s Housemade Ice Cream were stored here and I loved the taste and texture of the Panna with Olive Oil and Sea Salt; with his Blackberry with Sage Cream coming in a very close second.

If the luxury kitchen appliances stay permanently in your garden at home, or your summer house, Focus Global demonstrated how they can be encased in settings that truly add a flair to your outdoor space, making those al fresco dining events both functional and stylish.


Photographs by Chris Clemente and Philip Cu-Unjieng