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Get Creative And You Can Have That Perfect Holiday Table

Tray Bien’s Feesca Menken shares tips on assembling an elegant table come the festive season

Dining is an experience. More than the taste of the food, it involves all our sensessmell, touch, sound, and sight. Thus, assembling your table and creating the perfect ambiance is as important as preparing your menu! And with the holidays happening in a couple of months, now is the best time to plan to avoid the rush that comes with last-minute arrangements. Thinking ahead is key!

Metro.Style recently attended The Concierge Workshop on creating the perfect holiday tablescape with Tray Bien’s Feesca Menken. During the short class, Feesca discussed the essentials that make up a table, as well as the how-tos when decorating. “Setting a table is more of a personality. Just get really creative and make it an expression of who you are,” she says. Here, the entrepreneur shares more tips, so take note and start bringing out your table knick knacks
it’s time to play around your dining space!
Feesca Menken of Tray Bien
1. Consider your color scheme."Find your palette and work around that,” Feesca advises. Personally, Feesca favors working with gold and navy blue, as it adds elegance without being overwhelmingly done. For her arrangement during the workshop, she stacked up on bright tablesetting pieces, so going neutral for her tablescape is the way to go. It goes the same vice versaif you choose to tone down the hues on your plates, cutlery, and glasses, pile on colorful centerpieces! You’d like to make it look cohesive, though, so it's best to stick with a few colors that complement each other.
2. Invest in the right accessories. For beginners, she urges to purchase the basicsplate sets, complete cutlery, as well as the right drink glasses. Show your individuality by finding ones with unique designs and textures, or mixing and matching accessories you’ll place on the table. In this case, Feesca plays around with her choice of glasses, putting heirloom bubblies and warped water goblets together. For the center table adornments, flowers and candles can serve as base, then just add pieces as you go along. She paired glass fruit stands and geometric and rounded vases in her set up, going for a simple yet attractive look. Lanterns and candy jars can work well, too!
3. Play with levels. When decorating a rectangular table, a low and simple tablescape is recommended, to avoid obstruction and encourage conversation. One big centerpiece is enough, then keep the rest to a minimum.
4. Plant it! And finally, a trip to your garden or the flower shop is the cherry on top. “Greens and florals are good if you wanna highlight your plates. It adds life and elegance to any tablesetting, and it works well with metals and golds,” she suggests.