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10 Beautiful Girls’ Weekend Getaway Stays That Are In The Philippines

Plan a relaxing retreat with your girl friends in any of these design-driven airbnb accommodations

Nowadays, women are faced with the need to multi-task, toggling between family, work and many other pursuits.  With all the tasks that beg for attention on a daily basis, take a few days or weeks this summer for a much-awaited vacation with your girl gang.  

In a Forbes article, Jennifer Kester writes that going on a vacation with your girl friends has multiple benefits: reducing tension and stress; a better mood; a boost in productivity when you return from your break; an increase in creativity; satisfaction with body image and health and avoiding the risks of heart diseases.  One thing's certain: you return from this vacation a rejuvenated woman!

Imagine these benefits multiply when you vacation in accommodations that are as beautiful as they are restorative.  Take your pick: you can transport yourself to a design-driven beach hideaway, or a mountain cabin decorated in mid-century modern furniture and accessories.  On the other hand, some vacation homes for rent are all about the pool and the view.  The choices are plenty.

GET THE LOOK: A Relaxing Suite At The Shangri-La Boracay


GET THE LOOK: A Relaxing Suite At The Shangri-La Boracay

Sun Villa, Diniview Villa Resort, Boracay | airbnb

In the gallery below, see Metro.Style’s beautiful, design-driven airbnb picks for that much-awaited R & R time with the girls:

Celebrate the remaining days of women’s month or spend a summer weekend in a dreamy vacation home.  Don’t forget to make plans with your girl friends, and be restored by the time spent with them!

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