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10 Outdoor Spaces That Are Perfect For Entertaining

Holidays may be over, but by all means, you can continue throwing your own parties! Take the party outside. When it comes to entertaining at home, holding an intimate gathering outside, by a relaxing setting that puts a stunning view of your garden and the rest of your outdoor space in perfect view,  is a surefire way to make your guests feel comfy and cozy.

Design your outdoor space in a fashion that is conducive for lots merriment, interaction, and bonding—whether over coffee and pastries or a bbq party.

Here are tips as well as style inspirations for maximizing this space and giving it an entertaining-friendly vibe:


1. Incorporate pops of color.

A vibrant space, with furniture pieces and accents in bright colors and bold prints, makes for a visual delight that also easily sends a fun feel-at-home message to your guests.  


2. Create another set of living and dining areas outside. 

If space permits, it's a great idea to have these two zones outside for the utmost comfort and relaxation of your family and friends. Design it by your kitchen, separated only by a glass sliding door, so you can easily bring over food to where the party is at.  


3. Go for an al fresco dining style.

Set up a small dining table by the lanai. Create a visually rich vignette with printed tiles, like the eclectic Machuca tiles, and accessorize the dining table with printed mismatched chairs. 


4. Use bricks to create a pattern that adds visual interest to the space.

Bricks lend a rustic aesthetic that is cozy and homey.


5. Invest in quality outdoor furniture.

Since these furniture pieces will stay outside your house and be made to withstand both sunny and rainy weather, make sure your choice is durable and low-maintenance. Consider rust-free options.  


6. Opt for grass pavers. 

Explore this style to create an interesting mix of the softness of the grass and the hardness of concrete. 


7. Style with a long formal dining table, to make bonding outdoor with your loved ones a habit.

Make dining outside a habit. When you have a long table set up and you've got a beautiful view to take in while you're eating, it's hard not to get drawn to it. It is refreshing and particularly makes eating more enjoyable. 


8. Set up an outdoor home theater.

This area gives an irresistibly relaxing mood to the concept of home theater as the television is placed in a poolside zone. 


9. Ditch the full roof for wooden slats.

Not only do those wooden slats cast a beautiful shadow effect to the area, they also don't block the sun from enveloping it with that much-needed warmth requisite for an entertaining spot.


10. Try concrete seating for its sheer chic look and durability.

Curved seating in concrete makes for a stylish element whose rawness and versatility can be easily lent with character through fun pillow accents.


Photos courtesy of Metro Home & Entertaining