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20 Gorgeous Celebrity-Approved Nooks We Spotted During Quarantine

Here’s a slice of these international personalities’ tastefully-decorated spaces they showcased during lockdown

If there’s anything nice that the quarantine brought upon us apart from the bounty of free time, it’s the wonderful and, at times, the most exclusive online content that our favorite celebrities have showcased on different shows and perhaps their social media sites. Just like us, most of them have spent and continue to while their time indoors. This afforded us a glimpse of their homes, with photographs of themselves as they lounge quietly in their cushions with a view of their distinctive furniture and artful displays.  

We rounded up 20 of these never-before-seen nooks of the stars—from their spick-and-span kitchens to cozy and charming bedrooms, extravagant living areas to glamorous bathrooms. Check out the gallery below!