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Landscape Palettes Are In For 2022! See How The Color Green Is Used In This Parisian Apartment

Every 2022 Color Of The Year proclaimed by paint companies PLUS a Parisian apartment that shows how to successfully incorporate shades of green in interiors

Almost two years into the pandemic, with a new global surge, we are reminded that we have yet to see the end.  We continue to hope, and pray to see it in the horizon.  As 2022 trends are revealed, a preference for colors found in the natural landscape will dominate the interior design scene this year.  

The reason is as simple as it is compelling.  Everyone is looking towards the power of nature to heal, restore and reset to get past the anxiety and stress levels caused by the pandemic.  Colors found in the deep jungle, matched with natural wood and stone tones, and accentuated by floral and leafy hues will have their moment this year.  

Michelle Lamb, editorial director of The Trend Curve tells Architectural Digest, “Research shows that natural color schemes and organic forms like those found in nature reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase productivity and creativity, and make us happier.”

Annie Sloan, of the chalk paint fame expresses the same sentiments to Martha Stewart Living, "Think olive greens, sandy neutrals, and clay-toned terra-cotta shades... This kind of desert palette always looks luxurious and comforting, whether on walls or textiles or even as eye makeup!"

Below are the colors of 2022 proclaimed by just about every paint company known to designers globally:

This Contemporary Urban Space Will Inspire You To Go For An Easy And Relaxed Look This 2022


This Contemporary Urban Space Will Inspire You To Go For An Easy And Relaxed Look This 2022

Green Is The Hero Color In This Parisian Apartment

Wondering how to use this landscape palette at home?  Take a look at the shade of green, for example, used in this Parisian apartment by designer Kelly Bedel.  

Located in one of the most eclectic zones in the city of lights, Paris, is an amazing apartment easy to fall in love with. Inside this luxury dream lies a beautiful and modern design, enhanced by the splendid garden view.  After all, the landscape that surrounds the apartment is the world-famous Jardin du Luxembourg. This exclusive location is near the Luxembourg Palace, owned by the Senate, the Fontaine Medicis and also the Théâtre de l'Odéon. Almost as an extension of the exterior, this apartment's interiors responds to its environment, with the living space, being influenced by the nature that surrounds it, starting with the green color, present in every room. 0
Living Room of Parisian apartment by Kelly Bedel | Courtesy of Boca De Lobo

The space receives an abundance of natural light. In the entryway is a sculptural, contemporary black credenza.  Futuristic lamps provide ambient lighting. 0
Entryway of Parisian apartment by Kelly Bedel | Courtesy of Boca De Lobo

The living room mixes eclectic with urban. The art on the walls and the abstract shapes of the furniture turn this dynamic room into a veritable gallery of contemporary art and design.  The creative Wave Copper Center Table and the Erosion Black Stool by Boca do Lobo complete the ensemble. These pieces contribute to the design's impact with their nature-inspired shapes, textures and materials. 0
A green sofa anchors the living room that displays contemporary abstract art and sculptural furniture with natural forms. | Courtesy of Boca Do Lobo

The Dining Room is open space to the living room, following the same aesthetic as the previous spaces, with simple lines.  The details of the dining table and chairs, contrast with the futuristic suspension lamps. 0
Dining Room of a Parisian apartment designed by Kelly Bedel | Courtesy of Boca Do Lobo

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