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4 Chic And Cleverly Styled Small Space Vignettes Every Condo Dweller Will Love

In June of last year, SM Home was re-launched with a new brand promise: “Complete Your Home.” Following this re-launch, the brand held three events to further re-introduce SM Home: SM Home’s Design Series: “The Essentials of Condo Living” in September 2017 and February 2018, and “In Living Color” just last March.

Now, SM Home brings another exciting event to shoppers: the SM Home Turnover Fair. The fair, which runs from April 27 to 29 at the SMX Aura, is the popular home store’s biggest and best home design event to date. The event specifically caters to those who just moved into their new homes or are about to do so.


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“Moving into a new home is nothing short of life changing, it is the start of a major new chapter of any person’s life. We just wanted to help make that experience extra special for our customers,” shares SM Home’s AVP for Marketing, Tom Castañeda. “The official turnover of the keys to your new home is an exciting time for any homeowner. It’s the one time that you have your home in its most bare and pristine state, it’s basically a blank canvas, with the sky being the limit on how you decide to decorate your spaces. And, it’s also the best time to get professional advice on how best to turn that bare space into the home of your dreams.”

The SM Home Turnover Fair was conceptualized to truly be of help to new homeowners, what with its expert-led talks, free one-on-one design consultations, and DIY and home improvement workshops by Craft MNL. Shoppers can also avail of exclusive discounts from Breville, Happy Call, Tefal, Philips, Royal Linens, and Slumberland.


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Apart from the shopping booths from the participating brands, the venue also features installations of inspired spaces showing living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom vignettes put together by SM Home’s AVP for Marketing, Tom Castañeda, and interior designers Paula de Guzman, Dagny Madamba, and Tala Singson. These were done in partnership with Boysen, using SM Home's official palette: Woodlands, Stone, Finesand, and Aegean Sea.


The designers of the vignettes at the SM Home Turnover Fair in SMX Aura: Dagny Madamba, Tom Castañeda, Tala Singson, and Paula de Guzman | Photo by Grace Libero-Cruz 


Check out the beautifully styled small space vignettes below, and read about what their respective designers have to say about them:  



Living Room by Paula de Guzman




1. Gallery wall. "I envisioned this space for a young professional, a first-time condo unit owner. She is just finding her style, so she wants to play things up a bit. Her personality is travel-oriented, so I created this gallery wall with a wall clock, flamingo accent with lights, graphic memo board, and postcards. Whatever suits her fancy."

2. Print on print. When mixing prints and patterns, Paula advises, "Keep your key pieces, like your couch and other furniture pieces, and your wall simple. You can play around with accessories, wall art, and other décor."

3. Layering of rugs. "I just thought that it would look a bit sad if my chair is gray and my carpet is also gray, so I decided to put a bit of color by adding a rug under the coffee table, which, if you notice, is not too big, just right for the size of the table. I used print on print, but thankfully, it all meshed well because even the elements from the pillows, they're similar because they're also geometric."



Dining Room by Dagny Madamba





1. Gender neutral palette. "My client profile, on the top of my head, I wanted it to be a young professional. I wanted a more sophisticated dining area for him or her. I wanted it to be gender neutral. Wala akong masyadong kulay so I went for something green and blue to accentuate my neutral, woodsy accents."

2. Round dining table. "I chose a round dining table since it’s a small space. Using a round table makes it easier to move things around instead of having the basic square or rectangular table."

3. Pendant light accent. "I wanted to go for an accent lighting that’s not too bold, something more simple so I can accent my walls."

4. The bar cart and storage cabinet. "I went for a small bar on a corner. Then I chose this cabinet because there’s a closed storage space where you can hide your kalat, but there are also spaces where you can showcase your utensils and dinnerware."

5. Diagonal wall accent and framed artworks. "I wanted something that’s not too plain pero not too bold din. Instead of going with something with a pattern, I just separated the wall to two through a diagonal line. Kaya ko din pinili 'yung white frames para hindi maghalo. Like, if I used a black frame, maghahalo siya sa diagonal. This mix creates an illusion of more space."



Kitchen by Tala Singson  






1. Grid pattern on the wall. "They made us choose a palette and I chose Aegean sea. I anchored my designs with the grid wall, which complemented the other elements, like the table runner and the metal baskets which all have grid patterns."

2. The breakfast nook. Tala used a console as a table and paired it with two industrial chairs. "I wanted to focus on my favorite time of the day, which is breakfast. I love coffee din, so I planned on doing a coffee bar. This is actually a console table, which I transformed into a breakfast nook."

3. The buffet table. SM Home's pieces are versatile, as proven by the console-turned-breakfast table and this shoe cabinet which Tala used as a buffet cabinet. "It fits the whole space," she quips.

4. The indoor plants. "I’d describe this space as simple and straightforward but it has a lot of natural elements. You feel like there’s a lot of daylight coming in because of the plants."



Bedroom by Tom Castañeda


SM Home’s AVP for Marketing, Tom Castañeda | Photo by Grace Libero-Cruz




1. Statement wall. "I replicated a design of the wall that I’ve seen in a magazine somewhere and I just had our graphic artist work on the design. So, that’s really how it started. The wall patterns, since I knew it was making such a heavy accent piece, what I wanted was to sort of keep everything else subdued and really let the wall be the statement piece. So, that’s why I chose the graphite and slate color for the comforter."

2. Reading nook. "I added a little reading area because, at the end of the day, it’s nice to sit and read a book. Even though it’s a tight space, I wanted to have this little element, with just a small chair. And it’s a shared space with the living room; the divider, you can move it across, and if you want a little privacy, you can close it off."

3. The subdued palette. "It so happened that I love gray and green. Those are my two favorite colors, so I could actually own this space."

4. The complementing lighting fixtures. "The lights are from Landlite. I love that they have pendants, side table lamps, and floor lamps. I wanted to highlight the different ways that you can use them. I want the space to be a little more sophisticated so I tried to up the elegance a little bit."


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Photographs by Grace Libero-Cruz (cover photo and content image) and courtesy of SM Home (article photos)