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4 Easy Steps To Achieve The Perfect Minimalist Look In Your Living Room  

Being simple and minimalist is often connoted to being plain, boring, and empty—whether a person, thing, place, or event decoration is the element involved in such undertone. But that was ages ago, wherein the first stream of mankind has no, if not bum or grotesque, keen sense of style. But have no fear, home décor savvies, because you are on the right page. This article can help you create that pared back yet sophisticated Scandinavian style that can surely draw eyes around your receiving space.


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1. Work out the nude color scheme for a bold look.

Utilizing the right combination of white palette and clean lines with light to medium brown or dark hues as your furniture's main theme would definitely create that subtle mood of coziness and privacy while preserving the sleek Scandinavian impression.

Achieve a bright look by adding hints of orange and green. A darker background or backdrop (often used for a stronger and stylish aura in living rooms) must be paired with pieces that are predominantly in white or lighter paint, while a lighter room would look and feel best with tinted or darker furniture. Neutral colors, when mixed and matched correctly, do flatter every heart and eye.



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2. Size matters.

While the harmonious relationship of light and dark hues between furniture and background is vital in choosing the right living room piece, neglect not the size as well. Examine every corner's approximate or accurate measurement and vividly imagine the correct and proper placement of every furniture. If the room is relatively smaller than the usual or standard size, it would be wise to choose protracted and scanty pieces to avoid making the room look like an old storage area.



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3. Consider fabric and other decor.

Now that you have your sturdy-looking pieces, it is now time for you to pick a fabric and decoration of your choice to complement the strong ambiance with an ethereal tone. Choose an acrylic painting to be hung at your wall with an abstract or fully detailed design, some green plants to be suspended on your ceiling, then on to your fluffy carpet. It's exciting to place everything you could think of to maximize the Scandinavian look in your living room but be careful not to over-decorate to avoid a cluttered space.




4. Prioritize de-cluttering.

Those outdated magazines piled below your center table, torn newspaper pages, junk wrappers, and other useless materials scattered everywhere, remove them. Do something to get rid of them; throw them out of your house, recycle them, or sell them to junk shops. Just don't let them dominate your breathing space because aside from being unpleasant to the eye, they can draw pesky insects inside your sanctuary which could lead to gradual deformation of your furniture pieces and other living room elements, which provide you the comfort you need most during your leisure time.


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