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5 Chic Styling Tips for Small Spaces

1. ADD QUIRKS. “And the ants go marching in.” Don’t be afraid to add playful accents to your space. Choose something bold or humorous that will make your home come alive.

2. HANG ARTWORK. Lacking wall space to hang your artwork? Hang an assemblage of paintings in between spaces of your bookcase to add dimension and variation to your display. (It can also hide your messy shelves!)

3. NATURAL LIGHT. Shades up! Draw your curtains to the side. Choose window treatments that won’t hide the natural light from the windows.

4. MIRROR, MIRROR. Hang mirrors to make your space look and feel bigger. You can also make use of reflective surfaces to bring about a sense of grandeur to your home.

5. CREATE ARCHITECTURE. Introduce mouldings to walls and create drama in your space.

Photographs by Paola Aseron