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5 Ways To Create A Spa-Like Bathroom

The bathroom is our personal sanctuary. That’s why it’s very important to assemble your bathroom in a way that makes you feel relaxed. Amp up its look by taking cue from your usual pampering destination: the spa.

Here’s a simple list of the things you need to take note of–now you’re one step away from achieving a heavenly treat everyday, without leaving your house!

Incorporate things that easily make you feel relaxed. Put some pillows around, install ambient lighting, and place mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger space.





Trick: opt for plain walls . Clear your mind when you’re in the bathroom. There’s no need for busy prints–white walls look neat and clean, which is what the bathroom should be!



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Add scents. Use scented candles to your heart's content. Smelling lavender or chamomile (or other essential oil-based scents) instantly calms down the senses. And isn’t the smell the first thing you remember about a spa?





Decorate your tub. And we mean flowers or slices of fruits to make bathing a more luxurious experience!





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Use a tray to display your bathroom essentials! Not only does it resemble the way they do it in spas, it makes everything so much more organized! Win-win.



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