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8 Easy Styling Tricks to Update Your Home This 2018

New year, new style. If there's a best time to plan or do some redecorating at home, it's definitely now. As 2017 draws to a close, the upcoming year excites with the refreshing possibilities and styling options that you can dress up your home with. Add trendy elements to the timeless features of your home.  

The best thing about some of the trends that are expected to be big in 2018 is that you need not do a major makeover to give your home that trendy feel.

Start your home redesign projects now! All it takes are some pieces of new furniture and accents as well as color and texture update. Here, we've gathered the 2018 home decor trends that have reached our radar.


1. Create a statement with a bold-colored accent chair.


Photo from Heima


For a visually delightful focal point, a bold-colored chair anchors a space and gives it the much-needed statement and jolt of character it needs. This "Gloria" accent chair from Heima is statement-making not only for its bold color but also for its unexpected and unique silhouette. 



2. Give your kitchen or bathroom a luxe update with brass details.



Make way for the brass trend by replacing your cabinet handles, door knobs, or faucets. To further amp up the luxurious details, decorate with lighting fixtures in the same finish.  



3. Invest in a curvy sofa.



JA wanted to create a settee that looks and feels like heaven: Meet our Ether Settee.

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Bring in a new piece of furniture to your space with a curved sofa that is worth investing in. The rounded edges and plump silhouette exude an extremely appealing sense of comfort. 



4. Give an area a cohesive tone on tone treatment.



A space that looks well coordinated and cohesive is always a welcome idea. Decorate your space and put together items by making its paint color your jump-off point. But if you're in the mood for some major transformation, update your wall paint to complement the tone of your furniture pieces and accents.  


5. Use bar carts as décor.



Create unique vignettes with this piece of entertaining essential. Talk about being functional and decorative at the same time.



6. Add touches of lavender.


Photo from Pinterest


This soft shade is among the fashion trends for spring 2018, replacing millennial pink as the color du jour. Next year, expect lavender's feminine and subtly sophisticated vibe to translate beautifully into home interiors. You can incorporate this through details like the pillows, accent rugs, or vases with lavender flowers.  



7. Inject a fun vibe to your space with bold florals. 


Photo from Bloglovin'


Some people have a love-hate relationship with florals. The print tends to look too dated, too young, or too tacky. But the interior trend now leans towards floral prints that are bold yet sophisticated. The key for this season is to opt for elements with high-contrast prints.



8. Decorate with black and white prints or patterns.  



Classic yet trendy at the same time, touches of black and white prints or patterns on pillows, bedsheets, or throws will give a room a hip and fresh hint.  


Photo from @jonathanadler (thumbnail) and BHDM (cover photo)