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8 Unique Lighting Fixtures To Set The Mood In Your Home

Lux Décor aims to bring options for the modern homeowner in terms of illuminating one’s space. Carrying Barcelona brand FARO on the shelves of their newly-launched BGC showroom, the brand offers more than just your ordinary lighting fixtures.

With tasteful designs to choose from, the products double as accents as well. The brand upholds their slogan "New Lighting Concepts," which represents its aesthetics in innovation and functionality. It’s an urban dweller’s light haven!

From industrial hanging lamps to indoor and outdoor lanterns, here are our picks from Lux Décor, for the different areas in your home:


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The NIKO wall lamp, designed by Nahtrang, is structured with a wooden charger minus the cables. It has a Nordic design and has dual functionality, perfect for bringing light during late-night book reading on your bed.




MINE’s woody structure and glass diffuser give a warm and comfy touch to a space. This gray lamp is designed by Nahtrang.


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Dining room



RETRO is a set of designer lamps by Alex & Manel Lluscà inspired by the 60s. True to its name, it lends a “retro” touch that adds character to your dining area.


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Lounge area



The table lamp HOSHI, designed by xJeR Studio, has a solid base that gives it stability. The lamp is characterized by a slim body and head. You can adjust the intensity of the light through the controller on the base, to get the right amount of light for those late-night work deadlines.




Created by Christoph Friedrich Wagner, WHIZZ presents trendy finishes such as the combination of gold and black, and is ideal for a lounge area with its decorative filament bulb.



Living room



Named after its design inspiration, the JELLY FISH is a sleek black and gold metal floor lamp that’s sure to be a conversation starter, and gives off a warm ambiance to your home.






JARRETT, a designer lamp by Alex & Manel Lluscà, serves as a chair and a portable light suitable for evenings in the garden and by the terrace.




The LULA lamp, designed by Marina Mila, is a textile lampshade with a metallic structure that you may place indoors or outdoors. Whether you’re relaxing by your patio or indoor, this stylish designer lamp could fit anywhere you want it to be.