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A Classic, Contemporary-Style Home To Love



The homeowners chose Architect Anthony Nazareno to help them renovate a unit that they bought at Essensa in BGC in 2015. The lady of the house is familiar with Nazareno’s design style since her dad got him to design the Bruno’s Barber shop outlets before.

Timeless Style Interiors

The couple’s condominium unit door entrance is certainly noticeable as an Arturo Luz-designed paper clip artwork is displayed right beside it. Upon entering the home, one can see interesting art pieces and home accessories that complement the contemporary style interiors.

“We like living here and we find the location very convenient. My husband works in Libis while I work in Makati, and we both find traveling to and from BGC to our workplace is faster,” says the lady of the house.

Their condominium unit has a huge space of 300 sq. m., with three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a powder room. It is quite a generous space for the couple and Walter, their eight-year-old, well-behaved and adorable English bulldog.

“We wanted a classic contemporary style home that can last a long time. It was easy to work with Anthony Nazareno and his team since we both had the same style and we were on the same page most of the time,” says the man of the house.

The couple was very hands on with their home renovation project. They provided visual pegs to the design team during the project brief. They also worked within a budget, conducted meetings and worked with the team to discuss and approve things as the renovation progressed. The full home renovation project was completed in nine months.

Their favorite room is the master bedroom, which is spacious, relaxing and has a luxe hotel room vibe. The master bathroom has a custom made glass window that allows one to watch from the TV located inside the bedroom while one is taking a bath in the tub.

The dining room with a long marble finished table can accommodate ten to twelve people. It is a favorite space for entertaining family and friends. The black custom made marble table with white streaks also adds character to the home and serves as a functional art piece, too. The “Wireflow” black drop lights on top of the dining table was designed by Arik Levy for Vibia.

They also have a pristine kitchen with a beautifully made and customized white marble island table. Modern and striking hanging glass lights were placed on top of the kitchen island table. Apart from this, another comfy space that is conducive to having enjoyable conversations with guests is the area near the main entrance, which features a black round table made by Harver Hill. It goes well with the four black chairs with golden wires that they sourced from abroad.

The guest room, which has a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, is one of Walter’s favorite spaces at home.

Art and a Touch of Gold

The couple loves art and appreciates great design. This is fully reflected in their home’s interiors with their handpicked paintings and other art pieces, and home accessories. They also chose the materials used for the furniture and flooring.

“We feel comfortable in our home since we placed the things that we like. It is important to choose and put the things you like in your home. I love music and my relaxing space is the entertainment room where I can watch TV, relax or listen to music," says the man of the house.

On the other hand, the touch of gold in some of the home accessories, furniture and artwork reflects what the lady of the house likes. “I work in our family’s jewelry business and I like gold, and this is why we have pieces in our home that is accented with gold,” she says.

The couple believes that they were able to achieve the contemporary design style they liked because they chose a designer with the same style aesthetics as them. This also made it easier for them to fix their home since the home items that they chose worked well with the well-designed space by Nazareno + Guerrero Design Consultancy.

With a home that fits their lifestyle and design preference, they definitely enjoy staying in because their home gives them a comfy vibe that inspires them everyday.


Photographs by Paul del Rosario, courtesy of Metro Home & Entertaining