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At Home For The Holidays: More Room To Celebrate At Rockwell South At Carmelray

As we wrap up 2020, we’re rediscovering what makes a good home for our family

This 2020 has really made us better appreciate our own homes. Who would’ve thought that we would be staying inside the house for months on end, with only the comfort and company of our family? This really has become a turning point for many families, who started to reassess the value of investing in a good home and neighborhood.

As we approach the holidays, which is a time for family and loved ones, the importance of a good home again resurfaces. For the first time in decades, there will be no overseas travels, or going door to door to visit all our friends and relatives.

With these in mind, the need for a good home that serves the holistic needs of the family has intensified. A home is not just a house anymore. It needs to be open and spacious, close to nature, and with the proper amenities and security features to keep our families both entertained and safe.

This is the highlight of Rockwell's first gated community in Calamba, Laguna, Rockwell South at Carmelray. With all the desirable amenities, it is also the largest horizontal development that Rockwell has built to date.

If you’re ready to start or make the shift to a better home, here’s everything you need to know about Rockwell South at Carmelray and why should it be your holiday gift to yourself and your family.  

Expansive haven in the south

The south is fast developing. Living a bit farther than the central metro has proven to be beneficial for people who want to take a break from the city, but still be at an arm’s length from it. Located in Laguna, Rockwell South at Carmelray takes advantage of the abundance in space to offer a bigger living experience for families. The first phase of the property alone is already at 63 hectares, to accommodate generous lot sizes from 300 sqm to over 1000 sqm. No more concrete walls and high-rise that tend to limit movement and freedom.

Moving to the south also doesn’t mean you have to move away from modern comforts and necessities. The property is located just a stone’s throw away from retail establishments, churches, schools and hospitals, for your and your family’s needs.

Life amid nature

Rockwell South at Carmelray is a natural suburban paradise, where the great outdoors and the lush nature welcomes you with open arms.

Who doesn’t like being surrounded by nature? Living close to flora has proven to be beneficial for holistic well-being, and the calming sounds of nature are helpful in lowering stress and anxiety. The peace that comes from living with nature and away from the stress of the city is priceless.

Enjoy the gift of life the moment you enter Rockwell South at Carmelray, where a line of trees and a free-flowing waterway greet you the moment you enter the gated community.

Amenities you need and want

At Rockwell South at Carmelray, life outdoors has never been so close to home!

If you want to go out and relax among the trees, you’ll love that there are a number of recreational parks and trails all around the property. There’s a 900-sqm Wellness Park, which has an outdoor yoga nook and paver paths; a Dog Park, where you can walk and play with your fur babies; a Treehoouse Park with a treehouse and pet park; a Fitness Park with a garden gazebo and a wellness garden; a Play Park with a play area for toddlers and paver paths; a Bike Park with bike paths, a grill patio and an al fresco dining area; and finally, a Barbeque Park, which has a treehouse, outdoor lounge, grill patio, play area, and outdoor gym for your fitness goals.  

For fun time with the family, there’s also the expansive 1.9-hectare Central Amenity, which has a function room, gym, dance studio, multi-use court, swimming pool, play area, and shade tents—all catering to the diverse lifestyle needs of the residents.

To safeguard your family’s safety, an RFID system guards the entry gates into Rockwell South at Carmelray. CCTV cameras are also placed in strategic locations to ensure your safety inside the property.

Whether you’re a couple who is just starting your first family, empty nesters who want a more laidback community, young professionals who want easy access to business districts, or a growing family who wants to be closer to nature, let Rockwell South at Carmelray be your new home where you can celebrate holidays and future milestones together.