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Alex Gonzaga Toured Vicki Belo's House—Here Are The Design Elements We Loved About It

In the latest installment of actress Alex Gonzaga's vlogging channel, she took on the house of Dr. Vicki Belo for a tour of her living room and dining area (as well as a bag raid!). Hilarity, as it usually does with Alex, ensued. 

Here are the highlights of the vlog, touring the celebrity doctor's fifteen-year-old house: 


An inviting concourse, with big doors and plenty of sunshine


With two big house plants right on either side of the doors, the main entrance to Dr. Vicki's abode is every bit as warm and as welcoming as its homeowner. The doors lead to the foyer, fresh orchids and several decorative items atop a drawer.



Lots of natural light


The big windows and the glass dividers of the living rooms provide a lot of natural sunlight to the home. It feels very homey and lively during the daytime. Dr. Vicki reveals that the house is actually 15 years old, but that's hard to tell because of how well-maintained it is.



The living rooms (yes, plural!)


The main space of the first storey has three living rooms, because it was once utilized by Dr. Vicki herself as well as her two children, director Quark Henares and skincare entrepreneur Cristalle Belo-Pitt. "We would have three meetings at a time," she shared. One of these living rooms was also the setting of Alex's famous video of her singing "Tatlong Bibe" to her older sister, actress Toni Gonzaga, who was pregnant at the time.


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Neutral colors abound

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The house is generally neutral-themed, with lots of browns, grays, and whites. 



A fridge full of chocolate!


"Magkaka-diabetes ka dito," Alex jests. The doctor is famously known for being a lover of chocolate, and it shows in her refrigerator. The blue-tinted kitchen is also where a lot of Scarlet Snow Belo's videos take place. 



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Watch the full video below! 

Screenshots from Alex Gonzaga's YouTube channel