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You Have To See The Amazing Transformation Of This Townhouse—From Dark And Gloomy To Bright And Airy

San Juan's streets are known for rows of modern townhouses, mainly characterized by similar facades. This property, unassumingly sandwiched between other units of the same design, easily stands out with its fresh coat of white paint. Its interiors hold a lot of surprises; it's amazing how small tweaks can make such big differences.

This townhouse was purchased by a Filipino-Chinese couple after they got married. Today, they have two teenage kids, a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy. According to its interior designer, the house is old, but still, "it was worth to renovate it and invest on the property even more, because even though it would be expensive to renovate, it will still be much cheaper than getting a new one."

The couple's kids are growing up, too, and they wanted a house that will make their family value quality time at home more with the help of a tasteful and clutter-free space. 


The living room features a customized couch by Heima, an accent chair by Stellar Works at Design Story, side table by Triboa Bay Living, custom lamp by Keystone Lamps and Shades, and coffee table by West Elm. The calming blues that pop up from the framed artworks add a coastal touch to the space.


The three-level, 200 sq.m. townhouse has the living room, dining room, kitchen, wine cellar, and powder room on the ground floor. The second floor is occupied by the rooms of the two kids, a bathroom, a family area, and the maid's quarters. The master bedroom (which comes with its own bathroom) shares the third floor with another living area, home office, gym, and a walk-in closet.



   The dining room features a dining set plus additional stools on both ends all from DAaZ and drop lights from Schema. The space is anchored by an artwork by a European artist via


Here, Metro.Style asked more details about this amazing transformation from its interior designer at Hurray Interior Design Group, the new mother brand of Heima and Heim Interiors:


Please describe the design direction the client wanted to take. How did you put those considerations into play?  

They wanted an open, bright and airy space with clean and functional storage spaces. We focused on function and needs first and, aesthetics wise, we worked with them to get an idea of their taste, background and style. They had good family travel memories; they even lived in Canada. They also appreciate art and photography, so we wanted to highlight that. We spent a lot of time together looking for available wall art online and also made use of photos they took. They also like diving, so we sensed a touch of modern tropical and resort living would do well. Wood textures, a mix of locally made fixtures like the Schema drop lights, custom-made Heima furniture together with practical pieces from West Elm, Hay, Habitat, and Stellar Works worked well together.


A pocket door made of French-style metal frames leads to the kitchen, defined by a stark contrast between the white textured wall and sleek dark gray cabinetry. Wood tiles make up the flooring for the kitchen, whereas engineered wood is used for the rest of the ground floor.


What are the highlights in this property?

It's hard to pin down just one area. We wanted each space to be a big upgrade from what they had before but make them all come together as one.

From the foyer, it's already a great start with a nice wall art to welcome you. 

A custom long sofa by Heima in the living room is flanked by an accent chair from Stellar Works at Design Story and a West Elm coffee table. It made the area look a lot more spacious than before.

The choice of flooring in all areas helped deliver the look we wanted to achieve

The dining area is composed of tropical and resort home oriented pieces from Schema (drop lights) and DAaz Philippines (dining set). The brick finish walls provided texture and the shade of white gives it a clean and bright aura. The space was also well planned and there is ample space to add seats and move around. 

The wine storage area is a highlight. We converted a wasted space which used to be a pocket garden with an aquarium to a wine cellar or bar area with enclosure. It's complete with a wine chiller. It's well lighted to showcase their collection of wines. 

The lighting that we do is also a highlight. Like in many of our projects, we take lighting design very seriously. 

The bedrooms are special for each person.

We worked on the three bathrooms, and those were big upgrades as well.


The couple's daughter is into photography and the whole family loves traveling, so their framed photographs adorn the walls by the staircase.


The girl's room, whose key furniture piece is the bed from West Elm, features two different walls: a whitewashed panelled wall on one side and an ombre pink wall by Brushstrokes Creatives on the other.


The boy's room has an industrial vibe that was best achieved by its textured wall that looks like old concrete done with a modern twist. The bed is also from West Elm. The framed artworks are from The Poster Club.


The couple shares the master bedroom with their fur baby who has a custom made dog bed from Heima on a corner of the room.


The master bathroom also has a pocket door made of French-style metal frames. It looks so much bigger with the floor-to-ceiling mirror incorporated in the design.


This whole area used to be the balcony. This is probably the most major transformation in this house. Now, this area features a home office, a gym, and a spacious walk-in closet.


How long did it take your team to finish this project?

It took us almost a year overall, from design to final setup. The decision to convert the balcony came in after we started already, so there are always those revisions that are unforeseen.   


How will you describe the output's interior design style? 

Modern contemporary. Functional but tasteful. Urban Resort touches. East meets West. Comfort with style. Organic elements.


Where were the furniture pieces and home accents primarily sourced from? Are there Heima pieces here, which ones exactly?

Heima: Sofa, night tables, desk, and dog bed. Other pieces were from Hay, Stellar Works, Habitat, and West Elm. 


See the before and after photos of this townhouse's different areas in this gallery:




Photographs by Jovel Lorenzo | Before photos courtesy of Hurray / Heim Interiors