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American Standard's Easy Set Shower Is Exactly What You Need To Complete Your Dream Bathroom

American Standard–one of the most iconic brands in sanitary ware–has launched its latest shower solution, EasySET, which complements its existing Thermostatic Mixer range, for owners to elevate their shower experience to a brand-new level of enjoyment and convenience in their dream bathrooms.



A disruptor to the thermostatic market, the new modern-designed EasySET shower system is an essential add-on that complements concealed thermostatic mixers in both function and visual appeal. Featuring an intuitive push-button that offers on/off daily showering convenience, a dial design that adjusts water volume easily, and an optional PreSET control to be installed outside the bathroom and activates users’ preferred water source, temperature and volume with just one gentle push, the minimalistic EasySET is a breeze to use in the shower as it incorporates users’ comfort, intuitive functionality and aesthetics for the modern bathroom.


Push, Turn & Enjoy

Say goodbye to the traditional turning of shower knobs or adjusting of levers to get your preferred water flow each time you take a shower. Showering comes on at just a push of a button with EasySET.



During a shower, the user presses the EasySET to ON position and turns the dial clockwise for increased water flow. Simply press the EasySET to OFF position when you are done. At your next bathroom visit, you can enjoy a shower by pressing the EasySET to ON position without even having to adjust the dial again! When installed to be used with a concealed thermostatic mixer, the added convenience comes from not having to adjust the water temperature as it is already pre-set on the thermostatic mixer. Users can now enjoy a warm relaxing shower experience conveniently with a press of the EasySET button to reinvigorate and enjoy moments of uninterrupted tranquility.


Where Comfort Meets Convenience 

In addition, the EasySET shower system also includes an optional PreSET control to be installed outside the bathroom. With one gentle push before each shower session, users will enjoy the same shower experience with the pre-set water source, temperature and volume of water for the various showers, without the need to tinker with the individual controls again when they enter the bathroom. More importantly, they get to enjoy a warm water shower the moment they step into the showers.


Ultimate Comfort, Maximum Safety

Through its ThermoComfort feature, the Thermostatic Mixer keeps shower temperature constant and prevents fluctations that may arise from the opening of other outlets (eg. basin mixers or flushing of toilets), causing a drop in volume of cold or hot water. The constant temperature offers comfort and peace of mind against scalding, especially for the elderly and the young, and enables an enjoyable showering experience even if two shower controls are used simultaneously (e.g. using both Overhead Shower and Body Shower).

With its ThermoSafe feature, access to hotter water requires pressing the safety button and turning the knob. The water temperature restrictor also ensures that maximum water temperature does not exceed 49°C. What's more, if the cold water supply is cut, the Thermostatic Mixer will automatically shut off the water supply and eliminates scalding incidents.



Endless Possibilities

The option of an ultra-luxe shower experience is also now within reach. The EasySET allows users the ease and flexibility to configure their choice showers to fit different bathroom sizes and needs. Whether it’s a quick and fuss-free hand shower experience, a comforting overhead and hand shower experience, or even a spa-like pampering experience that includes body showers, you are now free to indulge in style and with peace of mind.


Enhance Your Shower Experience

Treat yourself to a spa-like, revitalizing and invigorating shower experience with the body shower. Simply tilt the base of the body shower to target the areas of your liking and turn the dial for the exact pressure you want.


Complementary Design, Sophisticated Aesthetics

Sporting the same dimensions as the thermostatic mixer, the EasySET pairs beautifully with the concealed thermostatic mixer in the bathroom and provides pleasing bathroom aesthetics.


Intuitive Functionality

Fashioned to provide users with a seamless shower experience, the fixture sports a simple push button and turn dial with knurled texture that provides a better grip even with soapy hands. It also clearly indicates the control in which it is connected to: overhead showers, hand showers or body showers, and a colored indicator for on/off function for one’s intuitive use.


The EasySET is the latest addition to American Standard’s range of reliable and well-designed sanitary wares and fittings. American Standard offerings provide beautiful and harmonious bathroom environments that remain relevant to the needs of today’s families and that of future generations.

For over 140 years as a pioneer in the design and innovation sector, American Standard's highly dependable offerings have been providing consumers with inviting bathrooms to relax in. Over the decades, innovative breakthroughs and technologies have further placed the brand at the forefront of total bathroom solutions.