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We're In Love With Andi Manzano's New Super Cozy Nursery And You Should Be Too!

Andi Manzano is literally just days (or even hours!) away from welcoming the newest member of her family as of this writing, so while we wait for the much-awaited news of her birth, we're feasting our eyes on the wonderful job she did in prepping the nursery for her youngest!



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Polished yet kid-friendly, simple yet filled with one-of-a-kind details, the well-planned space that baby #2 will call her home in the months to come is nothing short of lovely. 

Soon-to-be mom of two Andi came up with its concept, making sure that its neutral color scheme and timeless pieces would be beautiful now and for years to come. She traded in her original idea of an ultra-girly room (she and husband GP Reyes are expecting another daughter, in case you missed it!) for a plan to combine elements of a nursery and mini multi-tasking area, arriving at a setup that's perfect for a woman like her who's both a full-time mom and a professional. 


Here's what we love most about the finished nursery: 



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The wallpaper 

Or rather, the wall decal, which is the less permanent (and arguably more fun) way to dress up a room!

Wall decal, which is essentially a professional decorator's term for wall stickers, gave Andi's baby room its personality. She picked out a flora and fauna pattern of realistically drawn blooms and woodland creatures like stags, sheep, and perched birds all done in black against a transparent background, to allow the cream-colored wall they attached to to show through. 

The unique idea and even proved to be a way for her and first daughter Olivia to bond!


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The crib

Quite possibly the centerpiece of any nursery, the crib is also one of the pricier items that the little ones in our lives grow out of—which is why we're big fans of the piece Andi chose, as it's a three-in-one convertible piece that can be utilized for much longer. 

Her choice of crib converts into a toddler bed with retained railings for safety, and according to its product description, also features four different mattress positions to suit what mom and child are most comfortable with. It's a seamless showcase of how moms, though often focused on practicality, can also incorporate stylishness in childcare. 


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The rocking chair 

If you're looking for your typical wooden rocking chair in this nursery, you won't find it. 

Instead, Andi's is a plush swivel chair that likely feels as cozy as it looks, as she specifically picked it out for her own comfort during breastfeeding. It easily moves back and forth and from side-to-side, so mom never has to worry about reaching for a towel, pillow, or even her phone in the process. 


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The unique details 

A nursery isn't a nursery without all the cute little details that unmistakably make it a children's room.

For this baby, she'll be happy to find herself surrounded by a wooly rocking mammoth—as in, a rocking horse, but a mammoth instead!—a furry deer stool made in just the right size, and a super soft, super cuddly bunny stuffed toy as her best sleeping buddy. 

We also appreciate the fact that Andi took the time to line the nursery's floor with a textured carpet that's not only chic, but easy to maintain. Moms of kids with easily triggered allergies need not worry about sneezing fits flaring up with this item! 


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The hand-me-downs 

There's truly nothing wrong with a mother giving her baby clothes to wear that were once part of her first child's wardrobe. Considering the incredible pace in which young children grow, those clothes were likely only worn a handful of times, and are still in prime condition and oh-so-cute!

This is exactly what Andi is doing for Baby A; she saved the best of the best from Olivia's stylish closet with the intention of making her second daughter don the same adorable outfits. 


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For your own nursery inspiration, see snapshots of the pretty room below!




Photos from @andimanzano