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ArteFino 2019 Is Right Around The Corner! See The Home Brands We're Most Excited To See

When Maritess Pineda, Susie Quiros, Cedie Vargas, Mel Francisco, and Maita Rufino first got together to conceptualize an event that would help Philippine craftsmanship appeal to a discerning market and bring beautiful homegrown products to the Filipino home, little did they know that they were up to something big, something so groundbreaking and meaningful that their idea would be dubbed "Manila's premier craft fair." 

They're the ladies behind the lauded ArteFino, a highly anticipated annual event that bridges the gap between consumers looking for authentic, fairly sourced, culturally relevant, and socially helpful Filipino-made products and the communities and organizations that create them. 


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ArteFino batch 2019... here we go!!!

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But more than being a showcase of Philippine talent and a shopping opportunity, the fair is, according to Maritess, "a platform for social consciousness."

It's where ArteFino's patrons can learn why exactly their support of Filipino businesses matters and how else they can make a difference after a transaction has been made.

If ArteFino has its roots in providing the metro's most discerning homeowners with a curated selection of art, home furnishings and fashion items, today, it's all about raising the bar of conscious consumerism—educating buyers about the positive consequences of going local despite having imported options, the beauty of the heritage contained in each of their purchases, and the invaluable effect of forging sustainable livelihood for artisans and their communities.


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ArteFino has partnered with over 130 brands over its three years of existence, each and every one of them offering a wide variety of products for every kind of buyers with every kind of home, closet, and personal style yet united by an overarching theme that guides this year's edition of the fair: Pamana (a Filipino word that translates to heritage). 

All of them have helped tell the story of the Filipino craftsmanship and preserve Filipino culture from generations past and for those in the present and future—a concept that the ArteFino founders chose to highlight this time around. 

And as ArteFino patrons have rightly come to expect, the fair will certainly be house some of the most unique finds in the metro, many of which will make gorgeous additions to your home or other personal space. 


There's bound to be something for everyone, but for those looking for one-of-a-kind statement pieces to spruce up their bedrooms, salas, lanais, dining areas, and family rooms, be sure to check out these four brands below:



What: C&C

Why we love them: C&C helps tackle the problem of giving craftsmen a realistic source of livelihood while allowing them to stay close to their household in order for them to fulfill the twin duties of breadwinner and parent. C&C artisans work from the comforts of their home while producing beautiful products made of natural materials, the end result being chic creations worthy of international attention. 

What to watch out for: The Organic Escape collection whose items emulate organic shapes, patterns, and forms. 


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La Vie Planter


Lune Mirror



What: Holicow x Hacienda Crafts

Why we love them: Proudly Visayan, Holicow (the Holistic Coalition of the Willing) and Hacienda Crafts are on on a continuous mission to ensure the robust survival and thriving of their region's famed talent for producing some of the country's most impressive furniture. They view their products not just as physical proof of Philippine talent, but more importantly, a sustainable and fair way for their makers to earn a living to sustain basic needs and down the line, a fulfilled life. 

What to watch out for: Take note that only limited inventory of their pieces are in stock; if you see something you like, purchase it, as it's sure to disappear within minutes and come home with another interested buyer!


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Sayal in buri


Calligraphy 1.0 Hanging Lamp



What: Sustainably Made by Marsse

Why we love them: This brand is literally a dream come true for its founder, Mario Sebastian. Knowing the potential of Philippine forests and all the industries that it helped support, he dreamed of paving the path for a more sustainable way to work with our natural resources. He now manages his own tree farm in Pangasinan that serves as a realized model for this dream that other business—and the agricultural sector as a whole—can draw inspiration from. 

What to watch out for: The Mosaic collection focuses on products made of off-cut wood pieces. It emphasizes zero-waste production and how timber can be efficiently maximized. 

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Square serving board


Pizza serving board 


Mug and fruit bowl 



What: Casa San Pablo

Why we love them: The idea fo collecting "art" can be intimidating to some, but Casa San Pablo makes sure that it's accessible and appreciated by all with their cute, endearing figurines and pocket-sized display items. Inspired by the Tagalog tradition of pa ayok and the use of papier mache figures during play, their whimsical creations help tell the stories of characters and important figures and symbols in different Filipino locations. Overall, their thrust is to encourage the art of storytelling through the use of unique figurines. 

What to watch out for: Their kid-friendly designs that'll help parents teach young children to appreciate Filipino culture and pique their curiosity through relatable, colorful, and fun figurines. 


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ArteFino opens its doors on August 29 to September 1 at its new venue, the Fifth at Rockwell in Power Plant Mall