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Atelier Tour: Inside Patricia Santos’ Chic And Feminine Studio



Beauty, brains, and talent—Patricia Santos is a 28-year-old fashion designer best known for her feminine silhouettes and elegant aesthetic. 


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She is the famed designer behind the turtleneck gown that Kim Chiu donned at the 2014 Star Magic Ball and the breathtaking Swarovski-embellished dress that Kathryn Bernardo wore at the same ball last year. 






With over 111K followers on Instagram, the designer and social media influencer has become renowned for her chic designs and crystal-embellished pieces. This style translates into the interiors of her atelier, which is surrounded by pastel blue walls, bright chandeliers, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors that give the place a clean and classic look.

"My inspiration for my shop is myself," the designer quips. "I wanted it to be really homey, since I'm at my shop seven times a week. I want to feel at home and relaxed."



A brightly-lit and spacious dressing room welcomes her clients as they step into her studio. The designer shares that her brides-to-be fit their custom ball gowns in this room, where an enormous mirror stands at the center. She shares that she DIY-ed this statement piece using wooden panels. 



A few steps away from the glamorous fitting room, more chic dressing rooms await the designer's clients. The spacious area, abundant in natural light, features a fur rug, clear chairs, and a platform inside each cell—perfect for a fun fitting with the bride's friends or bridesmaids.



Patricia Santos' signature creations hang on the racks outside her office. Can you spot Kathryn Bernardo's iconic dress?



Her handbeaded bridal dresses never fail to evoke sophistication and elegance.



What was once just a doodle back in grade school has now become the designer's official logo. Patricia shares that the design she created as a child simply stuck with her, and that now that she has realized her dreams, it is nice to have something to remind her of her beginnings.



"My favorite spot is my office, of course! This is where all the magic starts," beams Patricia. Her favorite item in the room isn't the classic desk chair nor the elegantly designed glass tables, but a monochromatic picture of her and her boyfriend. "He's really there to support me. Usually when there's a guy with you, they're scared of what you can achieve, [but] he actually lifts me up in a way that he makes me feel empowered as a woman."



Her cozy office is as detailed as her signature creations. It features a textured rug, intricate throw pillows, a crystal chandelier, and a glass desk where her rose gold iPad sits on. A large, vibrant artwork is displayed adjacent to her work space, lending an element of fun into the chic and predominantly white space.



During the interview, Patricia motions us to take a look at her dainty Swarovski chart. "I think my main signature is intricate details with sparkling crystals. Once my client comes here, I explain to them what colors are available so that they won't have a hard time visualizing the final outcome of the dress."



Contrary to her chic and feminine first floor, the designer's workshop, located at the second level, is a brightly lit space surrounded by minimalist walls. Reminiscent of a blank canvas, this room is where she, together with her talented team dressed in white uniforms, creates masterpieces. It is where majestic ball gowns are cut, elegant form-fitting dresses are sewn, and sophisticated bridal wear are embellished. It is where the "real magic" happens.



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Video and photos by Pat Buenaobra

Produced by Grace Libero-Cruz and Hershey Neri


Photos by Myio Okamoto (left) and Pat Buenaobra (right)