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This Benefit Auction Showcased A Trove Of Distinctive Artworks—See The Highlight Pieces Here

Ang Kiukok (1931 - 2005). Still Life Table with Fruits. 1973. Oil on wood 20 x 30.4 cm (8 x 12 in). Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity issued by Finale Art File signed by Andrew Ang and Evita T. Sarenas


Last May 5, artworks by national artists and international masters as well as rare collectibles were displayed at The Peninsula Manila's Conservatory for the Benefit Auction organized by auction house Gavel & Block and International School Manila, to raise funds for the Vicky Sycip Herrera (VSH) scholarship foundation.

VSH Foundation is a tribute to Vicky Sycip Herrera who graduated in ISM Manila as part of the batch 1968 and became a guidance counselor until she retired in 2011. The foundation seeks to augment the school’s long-time scholarship program, funding its fifth student with a special ability in each grade level from grade 8 to 12 and adding that to the four scholars that the school directly supports. VSH also helps fund all of the scholars’ extracurricular activities. 


Eduardo Castrillo (1942 – 2016). The Moving Form. 2004. Movable free standing sculpture with sanded brash finish. 41 x 48 x 46 cm (16 x 19 x 18 in). Accompanied by a Certificate of Ownership and Originality signed by Mr. Nixxio Castrillo


Popular ISM scholars include Carol Esguerra Colborn (founding General Manager of Megalink and Private Sector Representative to the National Information Technology Council), Tomas "Tiny" Meneses (founder of Meneses Group of Companies, a Filipino-owned conglomerate with various companies within its group, including Gruppo Medica Inc., popular for manufacturing the growth vitamin, Cherifer), Dominic Galicia (the principal architect of Dominic Galicia Architects), Natashya Gutierrez (an investigative journalist for Rappler), and Laura Lehman (a TV Host and currently the reigning Miss World Philippines).

“We are proud that our scholars are also our ambassadors. They give back. They take leadership. They tend to have a global mindset. We have 80 countries represented in our student body,” says ISM Director of Admissions and Advancement Stephanie Hagedorn.


Arturo Luz (b. 1926). Untitled Wood. 90 x 30 x 30 cm (35 x 12 x 12 in)


The auction gave a spotlight on the works of abstractionist Romulo Olazo, a 1973 oil on wood by National Artist Ang Kiukok, and Deco Deconstruction, a limtied edition digital print on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper by Ronald Ventura. It also featured works by Arturo Luz, Eduardo Castrillo, late expatriate Paris-based artist Nena Saguil, and Fernando Zobel as well as international masters like Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali, French post-impressionist Henri Matisse, and Pedro Murillo Velarde, Rigobert Bonne, and Jean Francois La Perouse.

Collectible pieces are also donated by talented artists from ISM Manila like embroidered pillows by Inigo Elizalde, elegant foot stools using Tnalak fabric by Maricris Floierendo-Biras, and acrylic canvas painting by Alan Sycip, and some estate jewelries. There were also Philippine tribal and ethnographic art, antique and estate furniture. The Yoda swivel chairs by Kenneth Cobonpue displayed at the 2015 APEC conference are also displayed at the exhibit.


Henri Matisse (1869 - 1954). Untitled (Woman) Lithograph. 31.5 x 23.5 cm (12 1/2 x 9 1/4 in)


Gavel & Block is a subsidiary of Manila’s premier auction house Salcedo Auctions that displays a more contemporary collection of artworks by millenial artists. Artworks are thoughtfully put together with the critical eye of the auction house, opening their art to a wider audience.

“Gavel & Block presents an excellent opportunity for growth. We see great things for Gavel,” says Salcedo Auction Director Richie Lerma.

Here are the other highlight pieces that were part of the auction: 




1. Chalapong, Hagabi. An Ifugao Priest’s ‘Miniature Ritual/Prestige Bench’ c. 1930s to 1950s, Kiangan, Ifugao. Narra wood with natural patina. 20 x 181 x 27 cm (8 x 71 x 11 in)

2. Maricris Floirendo-Brias. A Round Footstool. Wood frame, T’nalak fabric. 38 x 38 cm (15 x 15 in)

3. Commoda. 1st quarter, 20th century, Baliuag, Bulacan. Narra, bone and kamagong inlays. 104.5 x 108.5 x 54 cm (41 x 42 3/4 x 21 1/4 in)

4. A Love Seat. 1st quarter, 20th century, Manila. Molave, solihiya. 71.5 x 100 x 51 cm (28 1/4 x 39 1/4 x 20 1/4 in)

5. Iñigo Elizalde (ISM - Class of 1993). 'Fiesta' from the Embroidered Pillows Collection I, Philippines. Hand-made, 100% cotton linen backing. Mono Poly hand-guided embroidered design. Plain linen backing with zipper. 41 x 41 cm (16 x 16 in)

6. Nena Saguil (1914 - 1994). Untitled. 1978. Watercolor. 48 x 63.5 cm (19 x 25 in)

7. Ronald Ventura (b. 1973). Deco Deconstruction. 2017. Digital print on Hahnemühle FineArt paper 10/100. 89 x 125 cm (35 x 49 in)

8. Romulo Olazo (1934 - 2015). Untitled #129. 1986. Mixed media on canvas. 51 x 71 cm (20 x 28 in)

9. Fernando Zóbel (1924 - 1984). Apunte del Puerto de Santa Maria. 1973. Etching. 16/50 30 x 24 cm (12 x 9.5 in)

10. Kenneth Cobonpue (b. 1968). A Pair of Yoda Swivel Chairs for APEC 2015. Made of rattan poles entwined on a supple but stainless steel frame. 119 x 62 x 58 cm (47 x 24 1/2 x 22 3/4 in)


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Photos courtesy of Gavel & Block