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4 Ways To Break The Monotony Of Your Black And White Interior Spaces

Black and white is a classic and elegant theme, perfect for creating dramatic contrasts and stunning rooms. While you’re only technically playing with two colors, the possibilities are endless—as long as you know how to play around and match them well.

Here are some tips and techniques in creating the most stunning black and white house from TV show Best Houses Australia.


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1. Use white for the walls.

White walls make the room a clean and easy canvas, perfect for establishing bold contrasts with the color black. Hang frames or statement pieces to break the monotony of white and make the pieces stand out.

A white-walled room also helps make a room feel bigger and lighter. Paired with large windows, this allows natural light to penetrate and illuminate the room, to give it a brighter feel.


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2. Use silvers and metals.

Metals are perfect for adding drama to a room. It also adds a sophisticated sheen to the overall look, as evident in this bathroom.


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This “disco room,” as the designer calls it, went a little bold with the black walls. But they were able to pull it off by incorporating metal and silver textures via the pillows, table, and glass accessories that give character and contrast to the room.


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3. Use patterns.

Bold patterns stand out in a black and white room, providing the much-needed statement to the room. Do remember to use them sparingly and smartly though.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try patterned wallpapers. This striped style is chosen well since it doesn’t overpower but complements the patterns and textures of the pillows and table.


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The veranda is also made interesting with these patterned metal windows, which allow ample light to come in while giving the space an interesting backdrop.




4. Mix and match. 

When you can’t mix and match colors, play with the textures, shapes, and materials instead. This master bedroom, for example, features an all-white king-sized bed, but it’s played up with layers of cotton, silk, sequins, prints, and velvet. The subtle pattern of the wallpaper also gives a nice texture without overpowering the delicate all-white bed.


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The dining room also showcases an excellent combination of materials, despite being predominantly black. Soft, velvet seats are paired with wooden textures for an interesting contrast in the dining ensemble.



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