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7 Organizing Tips We Picked Up From Camille Co-Koro's New Closet Tour

The next big thing that influencer and entrepreneur Camille Co and her husband, Joni Koro, needed to figure out after their wedding this year (which was fabulous, by the way!) was how they would run a household together for the very first time. 

The newlyweds moved in together shortly after their Italy-based nuptials to start married life together and this new queen of the household was happy to share everything she learned in the process, especially when it had to do with organizing her oh-so-covetable fashion collection!


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The certified style maven took the chance to pass on her function-meets-fashion closet tips via a thorough closet tour that gave us glimpses of some of her favorite pieces and the stories behind them, her accessories, the work that went behind building her walk-in closet, and of course, what we can all learn from her experiences figuring this all out on her own. 


Check out some closet organizing and styling tips from Camille below!



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1. Be as clear as day.

Be sure about what you want when you communicate your needs with suppliers so they get everything right down to the little customized details you want. This helps them source their materials from the right places from the get-go and minimizes the chances of backjobs or finished products not turning out the way you envisioned them to be. Have a mood board ready, as well as a color palette and even a Pinterest compilation! 

Camille let her supplier know that she had clothes of different lengths, and that helped them create cabinets with racks at varying heights that now fit anything from gowns and dresses to coats and long skirts. 


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2. Be space smart!

Maximize floor to ceiling space by getting creative with compartments and shelves' heights and widths. Don't depend on ready-made sizes if your supplier can make you customized pieces to suit your specific closet's floor area.

Camille had top compartments made in the space above closets that would otherwise be left empty as a home for dust bunnies. 


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3. Arrange your clothes by color.

Here's a tried and test rule that everyone must follow if they don't already. First, arrange clothes by type (all shirts together, all denims together, all shorts together—you get the picture). Second, sort them by color, and not only that, separate the colorful clothes from neutrals, or at least for the clothes that you have a lot of (such as tops like t-shirts and blouses). It seriously helps you remember where everything is and takes away the stress of looking for that single piece you need when you want to plan your OOTD or are in a hurry to leave!

Camille separated her whites and blacks from the rest of the pack.


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4. Mobility is key.

We think of closets as permanent fixtures in our homes or bedrooms, but what if we told you that making them mobile and removable pieces of furniture (i.e. not attached to the wall or ceiling) is a better idea? It saves you money (because, really, re-modeling a closet is a sizable financial investment) if or when you move to a new home or decide to refurbish once again in the future. 

Camille learned her lessons when she opted for permanent closets in her family home. She and her husband are currently renting and plan to move to a new place in the future, and she intends on finding a new place for some, if not all, of the cabinet pieces she had made.


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5. To hang or not to hang.

It's tempting to hang all your clothes on racks for the simple reason that it just makes them look way more visually appealing than folding them in a pile. However, there are some clothes that might be too heavy or take up too much space if left on a hanger; the weight might over-stretch straps (and destroy the garment, eventually) or its bulk might take away valuable space and foil your mission of efficiency. In this case, it's totally acceptable (and recommended) to fold these pieces instead. 

Camille gives an extra tip and recommends to fold clothes at their natural seams so they don't crease in the wrong places.


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6. Opt for cabinets with a soft-close feature.

Here's a term that Camille introduced us to: all of her cabinets have a "soft close" feature, which means that they they don't make loud banging noises even if she closes them with a bit of force! For obvious reasons, this is great because it minimizes unwanted sounds, but even better than that is how this feature extends closets' life by shielding the parts that go through the most wear and tear from damage. 

Push open drawers also make frequent appearances in Camille's closet for the same purpose. 


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7. Design or find the right storage units specifically for your accessories.

Of course, let's not forget about giving accessories the home they deserve. Much like storing your most special and delicate clothes, fragile and sensitive accessories and pieces of jewelry should also be well taken care of. It's easy to find suitable storage solutions for them in a myriad of stores, but the important thing to keep in mind when designing a closet space for them is to ensure that they'll all be in one place. All accessories, every single one of them, should be together. 

To emphasize, you must find the right storage units for different kinds of accessories to make sure they don't get damaged—proper watch boxes, ring slots, necklace racks, and bracelet and bangle units are absolutely necessary! 

Camille includes her sunglasses in an island in her closet specially made for accessories. She arranges items stored here the same way you would find them in a store display for easy spotting. 


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Watch Camille's full closet tour video here: 



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