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Eco Warriors Will Love This New Collection Of Bamboo Bedding Essentials

Change starts from you. Every little choice you make can have an impact on the grander scheme of things. In the context of environment-friendly initiatives, we all need to realize that every plastic bag, plastic straw, plastic utensil, or plastic bottled water we use or consume on a daily basis contributes to the volume of waste that has, in fact, become too much for landfills to even accommodate.

This news is so alarming that every person across the globe should feel compelled to become a steward of the Earth, someone who is more mindful of the products he uses and the overall lifestyle he leads.

As more and more eco warriors are adamantly championing sustainability and influencing others to join the global movement, more and more brands are starting to care, too. These brands are revisiting their old practices and making necessary changes that are kinder to the environment. New eco-friendly brands and products are also welcome additions to not just enhance the lives of many but also improve the state of the Earth.


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One company that now takes part in the global efforts to go green is Canadian Manufacturing, a trusted bed and bath brand in the Philippines. As they celebrate their 60th anniversary this year, they are making the milestone even more remarkable by launching their first eco-friendly line of bamboo bedding essentials, in partnership with SM Home.

Bamboo is not only known for being strong and flexible, it's also a renewable source of material that's low maintenance and therefore sustainable.

This piece of good news helps the environment in two ways: 1) bamboo proves to be a great sustainable alternative than many conventional materials like cotton because it requires less water and maintenance to grow, and less washing too, and 2) the products under this line all come in eco-friendly self-fabric packing and cartons that are reusable and multi-functional.     

"We live in a very, very humid climate and bamboo sheets don't absorb as much water so that's where you get that very good feeling and obviously with that, there are less germs, so it has an anti-bacterial feel to it as well as that silky soft touch on your skin," said Canadian sales & marketing director Chand Daryanani.


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Canadian's first eco-friendly line features bamboo sheets that are all-natural, made of 100 percent bamboo, breathable, anti-microbial, and smooth as silk; it's available in five colors (Coconut, Olive, Ice Drop, Coal, and Wheat) and comes with an odor-protection feature. The thermo-control attributes of these bamboo sheets are also perfect for the Philippine weather.

Also part of the collection are waterproof mattress and pillow protectors that protect you from spills, stains, and dust mites.


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At the Canadian x SM Home: The Bamboo Experience launch with (from left) SM Home's AVP for marketing Tom Castañeda, eco warriors and influencers Bianca King and Winnie Wong (aka Penelope Pop) who shared tips on how to adopt a green lifestyle, and Canadian sales & marketing director Chand Daryanani 


To introduce this new collection, a Canadian x SM Home: The Bamboo Experience exhibit was launched earlier today, May 21, at SM Aura Premier and will stay there until May 26, 2019. This will be followed by a road show in SM Makati, SM City Davao, and SM City Cebu.

In line with Canadian's environment-friendly efforts, the brand has also partnered with Haribon Foundation for a "Get a Sheet, Adopt a Tree" campaign. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this collection will fund Haribon's Adopt-a-Seedling program and support forest restoration activities around the country. Every purchase from Canadian's bamboo collection also entitles one to a pledge leaf where one can share a lifestyle change in the pledge wall.  


Canadian's Bamboo collection is available at the SM Home section in SM Aura and soon in select SM stores.