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Christmas Is Coming: Is Your Home Ready?

Christmas time is in the air again. For us Filipinos, the much-awaited and most-celebrated holiday starts as early as September, when people begin to prepare and shop for the best décor and gift items. A festive-looking house uplifts the spirit and intensifies the Christmas atmosphere.

However, stores and bazaars overflow with Christmas pieces, making it hard and confusing for shoppers to pick out which décor to bring home with them.

To help you achieve the perfect Yuletide look in your home, deck the halls with these four simple Christmas design tips below:


1. Customize your greens.

As any household Christmas must-haves, adorn your Christmas tree according to a particular fashion or theme (which could be in color or style). If you aim for a sparkling gold aura, get glittered flowers, pine cones, acorns, hollies, Christmas lights, Christmas balls, garlands, ribbons, and other ornaments in gold palette.

Do the same should you prefer red, green, blue, or white as your tree's color theme; these are some of the most common hues for dressing up a Christmas tree. Moreover, be meticulous and creative in wrapping your Christmas gifts as they will sit under your tree for a long time, and will add to the overall style element of your tree.



Your wreath, on the other hand, can also take on different styles. You may opt for either a plain circular green bush, flower-studded, or fruit-packed type. For the former, you can tie a red ribbon on the top and sprinkle poinsettia and hollies alternately around the entire wreath to give it a bold and dashing look. Usually hung up on porches, front doors, or windows, this Christmas décor effortlessly gives a warm Christmas touch to your home.

Your Christmas vines are another fine Christmas décor items. Adorn them with either a unified or assorted colors of Christmas balls, Christmas lights, and foliage of glittered flowers, poinsettias, hollies, acorns, and pine cones.


2. Don't belittle the charm that cute-sized furniture and décor bring.


Every inch of your home could definitely exude the perfect Christmas mood even with the littlest and simplest Christmas accent and figurine display.

Have a Christmas ball-filled glass bowl or glass cylindrical container sit on your living room's center table and kitchen's dining table, or on other surfaces suitable for such display in your home. This can be a twist in your decoration aside from the usual hanging or attached elements of Christmas balls on or next to your Christmas tree or vines. To complement the total Christmas look, embellish your space with a foliage of glittered flowers, poinsettias, hollies, Christmas socks, and other sparkling décor in and around your home.

You may also opt for a simple decoration at your garden or patio by placing a snowman or Santa Claus figurine on top of the table, which can be paired with other plant décor and woven placemat in festive colors. Dress up your plants with bright LED Christmas lights for a luxurious look, which can boast of longer and brighter illumination, to greatly highlight your home's new Christmas ambiance.



3. Create a "wow" factor in your home with large centerpieces as well.

Whether your newly decorated home radiates of glamour or simplicity, large figurines and other catchy décor will always do the trick. Adorn your home with the gifts of comfort and luxury by adding Christmas items that will surely serve as everyone's apple of the eye.

Put up a 4-ft. Santa Claus figurine in front of your home, paired with other signature Christmas designs such as Santa's sleigh, reindeers, and Christmas nutcrackers on your desired location. Stand-alone or hanging star-shaped Christmas lanterns must be on the list, too, as they are timeless and they never go out of style.


4. Finish the Christmas look with your desired color wheel.



Fill your home with vibrant or melancholic colors, so your space can exude that perfect Christmas spirit—festive, rustic, or a combination of both will certainly do the wonder.



To achieve a festive look in your home, particularly in the living room, set up red, maroon, and other bright-colored curtains, themed pillows, printed carpets, wreaths, and vines adorned with ribbons, hollies, and Christmas balls and lights, as well as Christmas peacock feathers, among others. Go for a rustic look by using white, gold, silver, or bronze curtains, soft fabrics, and floor cushions.


Still undecided? Why not mix-and-match all these decorative items in a cohesive manner. Just see to it that you'll maintain an order of arrangement so you'll still end up with a well-themed Christmas ambiance. 

Bear in mind that Christmas is not about how many tinkling lights and Santa Claus displays you can put up in front or inside your home, nor is it about how grand and majestic your Christmas tree proudly stands. It's about making the Christmas spirit surround every corner of your home and letting your family and loved ones experience and marvel at it all.

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