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We're In Love With Cindy Kurleto's Apartment In Vienna That's Full Of Bespoke, Restored Vintage Items!

One of the best approaches to take while decorating your home is to make sure that focal points and statement pieces always have a story attached to them and appeal to your personal tastes. It's not enough to simply fill a space with beautiful pieces—it's the special things with meanings behind them that add the warmth and coziness that make a house a home!


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Take your cue from Cindy Kurleto whose Instagram house tour has inspired her followers to update their spaces based on her European apartment's most unique and bespoke features. In a 10-minute video, this mom of two took us around her family pad's kitchen and living areas as well as bedrooms and roomy bathrooms, making sure to describe the most interesting details behind her favorite décor and design inspiration.


Here's what we loved most about it:



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At the entrance of Cindy's home is a literal hallway of art. According to her, the growing collection is a combination of paintings and little knick-knacks that she and her family have collected from all the cities that they've lived in (they're now based in Vienna, Austria). On one wall also lies a map of the city that many of their visitors from outside town have happily examined as well as a repurposed vintage factory window that they turned into a mirror—props for incorporating functional art!


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Vintage baker's multi-purpose table 

One of the best things about living in Europe is the abundance of vintage pieces of furniture that can be purchased for reasonable prices and redesigned in so many new ways. That's exactly what Cindy did when she found an authentic Austrian baker's table that was likely blanketed in flour and sugar for most of the day in its past life. Though it isn't used for baking as often in Cindy's apartment, it has, however, proven to be the perfect table top for when she and her husband have to cook up a feast for get-togethers or just need a spacious place to work on or sort groceries on.

To make the kitchen even more visually appealing, Cindy's husband and uncle also helped her paint her cupboards in stylish sage green. 


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Standing work table 

For those in love with ergonomically designed homes, you're going to love the fact that Cindy insisted on a standing work table located in the living room for her and her husband. It's better for posture, saves space because it doesn't require a chair, and it's a conversation starter, too! 


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Double-purpose window sills

This is a feature we wish we could have more of in the Philippines! Because of Cindy's home's incredibly high ceilings (which she says are a feature in many Austrian homes and apartments), big windows are a common sight, and bigger windows mean only one thing—great views homeowners would love to maximize! Cindy did so by outfitting her window sills to have deep leg room and positioning higher than usual so that they can double as tables. The end result is that her windows have bar-like window sills that she enjoys the most on weekend mornings when she has breakfast on them. 


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Safe room

Every house needs a storage space for unused furniture, spare items, and other things, but Cindy went the extra level and incorporated a safe room as a bodega! Imagine a literal safe—bolts and locks and everything—but made bigger so that it's actually a super secure room that can fit, well, people. Homeowners that keep a lot of valuable items in their houses can consider doing something similar. 


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His and hers closet and bath

Because Cindy lives in an apartment with limited space, she and her husband decided on splitting their walk-in closet to accommodate all of their things in one place. The rectangular room is divided in equal halves and is kept neat and orderly thanks to its clutter-free design and versatile closets. The room is likewise big enough to accommodate a sofa that actually turns into a queen-sized bed that they offer to guests who spend the night!

As for her bathroom, Cindy has his and hers sinks and showers in a sizeable bath for practicality. It's never fun to have to battle it out for your turn for bathroom time (especially when two kids are in the background and in constant need of mom and dad's attention!) so Cindy made sure that she and her husband could use the space simultaneously, easily, when necessary. 


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Open cupboard-style closets

Cindy's daughter's rooms are pretty straightforward (but very charming, nonetheless) but what we immediately noticed was her innovative way of hanging their clothes. Veering away from traditional two-door cabinets that have a single left-to-right hanger rack, this creative homemaker took inspiration from store displays and recreated their front-to-back clothes racks in open cupboard-style closets. Clothes aren't only easier to spot this way, but keeping her sights on long-term use, they're also much easier to redo in the future in case her girls decide on customizing them according to their needs and tastes. 


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Cindy's 9-year-old daughter's room has one of the best spots in the whole apartment. It's got an adorable mini loft where her bed is and of course, has a little balcony that overlooks her "kingdom" on the ground floor that's full of toys and other kids' belongings that are truly the stuff of dreams for other little girls!

(Plus points also go to the colorful handmade light fixture!) 


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Watch the full house tour video below!



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