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This Garment Steamer Is Every Woman's Essential Tool For A Spick And Span Closet

A girl’s closet says a lot about her personality. Although everyone dreams of a polished walk-in closet with organized sheets of clothes and coordinated racks of creaseless outfits that mimic that of a boutique, some people need to organize the perfect closet that is most suitable to their space, time, and lifestyle.

A lot of busy undomesticated women are guilty of having closets that resemble a jungle. Due to the influence of the millennial times, women now have given less priority to manual chores and have become consumed too much with the digital, cosmopolitan way of life.

Here are some of tips on how women with this profile can fix their closet while still be able to do all their work and be on the go.



Franklin Chan, Fabriano SpA, Inc. general manager (Philips Distributor) and Urasinee Patarasongkram, country manager, Philips Philippines Inc. unveils the latest Philips Garment Steamer.


Mari Jasmine, Philips garment care influencer


Closet tips:

  • Sometimes, the reason a closet is disorganized is because there are just too many clothes that it becomes overflowing. So either add an extension to your closet by buying a modular storage system that’s interchangeable and moveable, or sort out old clothes you don’t use anymore and put them in clear containers that you can donate or sell.
  • Hanger racks make it easier and faster to select clothes to wear. But if you only have a few racks, you can use them to hang all your thick clothes. You can also use a rack to hang all pre-put together outfits that can save you time preparing in the morning.
  • Fold all tops and bottoms neatly in the compartments using either a color scheme or a style scheme so it will be easier for you to remember where all your pieces are located. Leave sufficient space above each pile of clothes in each compartment to avoid messing the folds when pulling out the clothes.
  • Put all the clothes that you wear the most at eye-level, the ones you don’t use that often at the bottom, and the ones you only use on occasion at the top.
  • For a closet that is not properly sorted out, one of the factors that can mess it up more is when packing clothes for a trip when you have to pull out clothes here and there. So one of the things that can help solve this problem is by separating the travel clothes from your office, workout and evening clothes. If you like to travel a lot, it is nice to organize your clothes by occasion, above style and color.
  • Create travel containers by putting detachable bags or compartments inside your closet that contain a separate set of underwear, socks, and other basics for travel that you can easily take with you when packing for a trip.



After organizing the closet, a woman’s wardrobe needs to be in crisp condition more so when it’s worn than when it’s kept. Philips has made sure that women today will have the perfect clothes instrument that will make sure they look polished and presentable wherever and whenever.

The Philips Garment Steamer is designed for easy crease removal and is the perfect appliance for quick touch-ups to delicate and difficult to iron clothes. The iron has a steam plate that is larger by 25%, which can cover more fabric area in one stroke, and creates a potent steam pressure that removes creases with only a few strokes. You can also set your preferred steam level. It also comes with a special garment hanger or tiltable ErgoFit board which gives you a stable and comfortable support, and a large detachable water tank for easy refill so it is also suitable for long steaming sessions. With its PureSteam technology, the iron’s powerful steam will last over the years.

Wearing clothes is every woman’s pleasure, and it gives us all an ability to express ourselves. But with it comes the task of knowing how to take care of our clothes, not just as a personal responsibility, but for us to not forget to keep in touch with that intrinsic feminine side of ourselves that warms a home. Simple things can make a difference in our everyday lives.