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Can't Get Over The Color Of The Year? Two Design Experts Share Their Thoughts About It



When Pantone announced the Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, their choice was met with mixed reactions. On Instagram, there were positive comments like "totally no objections here," "Oooh I love this color! Pantone you have set the bar for 2018! Can’t wait to see how the industry is going to try and keep up," and "I'm just sooo excited about this shade @pantone. ?? I think this is my favourite one since the beautiful Radiant Orchid in 2014. Love it. Such a great choice. I can't wait to start creating some gorgeous makeup looks with this. ??" 

But there were also negative feedback like "terrible choice" and "Sorry - not feeling it at all - a very ‘difficult’ colour."

Regardless, Ultra Violet was trending, so much so that those who didn't like it at first may have suddenly become fond of it. 

Pantone has always been the authority on color, and their choice sets the trend and influences the designs and products in various fields for the coming year.

Fashion- and beauty-wise, it's easier to follow this trend. You can accessorize with a pair of purple earrings or put on some violet eyeshadow, and you're already of-the-moment. But in terms of interior design, will we see a lot of homes sporting this bold shade?

Going with the trend and constantly updating your home to fit certain trends take a lot of effort and may be pricey, too! Establishing a space that adheres to the Color of the Year may require a major paint job or a major purchase of a statement furniture piece or accent.

While you decide on whether you're going to keep up with this trend or just wait for next year, hoping the Color of the Year then is a little more timeless, these two design experts' thoughts may just help you come up with a smart decision.     




Mark Steven Perez of interior design firm Empire Designs and furniture/home accessories brand Harver Hill says:


A space designed by Empire Designs. Imagine incorporating pops of Ultra Violet here.


“It is interesting to infuse the Pantone Color of the Year to an interior space. One can incorporate Ultra Violet in accessories such as throw pillows, area rugs, throws, table top accessories, or floral arrangements. You may also add that splash of color into accent walls by means of wallpaper, paint, or wall art. Do add Ultra Violet on areas which you can change or edit when you get bored with, eventually. Although recognized as a year-long color, it is still suggested to carefully choose your own color as you need to match the mood and style you want to achieve in any of your interior space.”


Rossy Yabut-Rojales of furniture/home d├ęcor Heima and interior design firm Heim Interiors says:


A space designed by Heim Interiors. When it comes to interior design, when in doubt, always go for the classic. 


“Such an intriguing choice. Though, we believe that for premium home interiors, color choices should be more lasting beyond yearly color trends. We work with a lot of projects that lean towards timeless elegance with that hotel and luxury feel. These are large residential homes that tend to be more neutral with focus on quality materials, finishes, and furniture. Use of trendy pops of color may depend on the theme as well as client preferences. For the children’s room, pastel shades, like lilac, would be more applicable aside from the most commonly requested variants of pink or blue. We are not that skeptical about it and will keep an open mind. It may be a different story for commercial projects, graphic design, fashion, and other fields. We will gladly use it if we have projects that we find appropriate."


 Photos from @pantone