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A Visual Guide To Redecorating Using Pantone's Stylish Color Of The Year For 2019

It's lighthearted, it's joyful, it's life-loving. Meet Living Coral, Pantone's color of the year for 2019. It encourages us all to appreciate life's goodness despite the challenges, big or small, that come along the way. 




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The hue that's a pretty cross between a happy, salmon pink and suave, cool orange is sure to make appearances everywhere in the coming months. Its ability to make an outfit, room, and artwork come to life is bound to make fashionistas, designers, and artists of every kind fall head over heels with it, so make sure not to miss out on the ways in which you can incorporate the color yourself. 

Suitable in big and small spaces alike and statement-making whether used as an accent or in broad swatches, Living Coral is the color you need for a refreshed outlook on life in 2019. 


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Helping you visualize the many options to try out are experts in architecture, fashion, and interior design, all of whom have weighed in on Pantone's choice for 2019. Their thoughts? Living Coral is a must-have. 


Architectural Digest, Russia 

Living Coral is a confident color. It's no delicate pastel—which might make it intimidating to some—but when used in the right amounts, the result is pure magic. For beginners in colorful decorating, one way to achieve this is by picking out a wall (or floor) at home to turn into a statement surface.

Let Living Coral have its moment in a chosen space by surrounding it with neutrals that don't dim its impact and avoid pairing it with equally bold colors that might make its effect overwhelming. Choose a paint in Living Color, a wallpaper, or even even accent furniture to get the job done. 


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Tok Decora

If you prefer to keep your home or work spaces' shared areas more classic and timeless and save the fun elements for private spaces, here's an idea for you—have some fun with the bathroom. 

Often envisioned as an immaculately white, spotless area with little to no embellishing, a toilet and bath can be the highlight of one's home or work space when a little more creativity is used. One need not need go over the top to make it more interesting, either. At most, stick to two to three colors that complement Living Coral. Light neutrals like white, ivory, or sand are ideal, but adding a contrast with elements in black, gray, or navy blue will do well for the more adventurous. 


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Oliver Thomas Interiors 

Don't mistake Living Coral as an overbearing choice that can't be paired with other attractive colors, especially at home. The key is picking the right shade; the same color can be subdued and muted as well as loud and dominating. Find the right balance, and you can successfully infuse Living Coral in a multi-colored palette. 

Take Oliver Thomas Interiors that especially loved a colorful kitchen with accent doors, a monochrome bedroom, and another with complementing prints and patterns, as well as a living room with a regal sofa with an eye-catching print in this versatile color. 


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Designer and architect Leticia Dias 

We mentioned doing a Living Coral monochrome for the bedroom, but here is the idea more fleshed out. 

As a relatively more feminine color, Living Coral works very well in small, intimate spaces. It doesn't give the appearance of taking up too much space, and when its more subtle shades are used in strategic places, it can even be relaxing to the mind, and cooling for the eyes. For a purely Living Coral bedroom, consider using the color for linens, cabinets, doors, or door frames. 

Play with different shades for dynamic results and avoid a harsh, blocky finsh as more than one item will be in Living Coral. 


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Char B Werth

Think again if you've assumed that the only effect Living Coral can accomplish is soft and demure. 

An unconventional yet striking way to show off its prowess is by using it to paint over a textured wall or stone surface. Great for big spaces and those hoping to achieve a rustic atmosphere or shabby chic look, Living Coral's more fiery side comes to life with this technique. 


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Tom Lowe

A design idea that's not for the faint of heart, but definitely one we're huge fans of, outdoor appearances of Living Coral can also be done. 

It's a big commitment to make, so make sure that the surroundings and foliage enveloping the structure you're thinking of washing in Living Coral are right for the choice, and make sure that weather conditions aren't against you, either (harsh weather fades Living Coral too quickly, making its upkeep a challenge). 

More suitable for structures in the countryside or in rustic locations, this Living Coral inspiration is definitely going to turn any residential or commercial property into the belle of the ball. 


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Though inherently playful and casual, Living Coral can also be used in a more luxurious setting. This time, make it an accent, rather than the main event; it'll soften a space and give it that unexpected touch of brightness. Secondly, to not make it look out of place, dress it up with metallic décor or sophisticated finishes like marble, dark wood, or metal that go well with the overall palette of its surroundings. 

This Living Coral inspiration is best when executed in a roomy area like a grand lobby, reception hall, or banquet space. 


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Whoever has assumed walls should only ever showcase solid colors needs to learn a lesson. Prints and patterns can be just as stunning, and contrary to popular belief, even non-solid wallpapers can be understated and quiet.

This is especially true when you pair Living Coral with unassuming colors like light terracota, millennial pink, sandy beige, nursery yellow, and a deep nude brown. Doesn't seeing how well this set blends in together make you want to dress up your walls right now? 


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Christchurch Creative

Windows are an often overlooked feature in a room, when in fact, they should be one of the most thoughtfully placed elements as they're quite literally the entryways of light, sounds, and a cool afternoon breeze. Their size and positioning make a ton of difference, so shouldn't their color, too? 

Having shutters (or drapes, blinds, and window frames, for that matter) in Living Coral are absolutely gorgeous for windows that let in the afternoon sun. With the sun lending its glow to this color, the result is having a whole room bathed in natural warm light. You'll have an Instagram-perfect spot in no time. 


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Paula Jacob

Paula Jacob shows us that industrial-inspired design can work well with an otherwise soft Living Coral—just make sure to use it generously, so it doesn't get drowned out in the process and is able to go head to head with other elements in a room with this theme. 

To get this right, choose a large item in a room or a centerpiece in Living Coral. For example, a kitchen's row of cupboards, a bedroom's vanity, a living room's sofa, or an office's reception desk are perfect items to do in this color. 


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Of course we haven't forgotten about the ways Living Coral can make outdoor dining even more enjoyable.

Check out this super pretty way the color was used to make a playful tablescape pop for an al fresco event. Paired with greens and browns to mimic a lush meadow, this is definitely one of the ways Living Coral is its most stunning. (Notice too how its different hues are used for different items including the centerpieces, table runner, and seat cushions. It's another lovely example of balancing cool and warm shades). 


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Mullens Public Relations

A dressing room or walk-in closet is naturally one of the handful of spots in a home that will be the most filled with fahionable, trendy finds. Why not make it officially your style capital by painting it in the color of the year? 

It's a private space just for you, so feel free to be as all-out with Living Coral (i.e.: painting the walls and closets in one color), or as sparingly with your use with it. 


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Bill Richards

A master bath that doesn't hold back in terms of regality, size, and natural light deserves to be done in a unique color. As a color fit for a queen, Living Coral makes any bather feel as though they're walking down a path of velvety petals leading to an indulgent soak. Visualize that and tell us it's not the perfect ending to a long day!

Pair the color with floral fragrances and bath products and getting out of the bath will be the hardest thing you've ever had to do. 


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