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Condura Introduces New Lineup of Smart Refrigerators

Concepcion Durables Inc., one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the Philippines, and their home-grown Condura brand of refrigerators and freezers, have become bywords of Filipino know-how, dependability, and quality. That comes as no surprise, given the company’s and brand’s lofty provenance.

Founded by Jose N. Concepcion, Sr. in 1962, Concepcion Industries (as it was known at the start of it all), had a very unique vision for its time. Espousing a culture of excellence and substantive corporate responsibility, this company’s founding father wanted Filipinos to be responsible for creating relevant quality solutions for their fellow Filipinos in the arena of kitchen and home appliances. 

And while this may seem an obvious set of circumstances now, back in 1962, we relied heavily on the importation and distribution of imported brands—especially American ones. It was to change and rock the status quo, and swing it in favor of Filipinos that Jose Concepcion, already at the age of 60, set up Concepcion Industries, with the Condura brand eventually being established in 1987. 


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Renna Hechanova-Angeles, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer of CDI, with Thelma San Juan


At the event last week, hosted by Suzi Entrata-Abrera, the top executives and management of CDI gathered to restate their unswerving belief in the vision of their Lolo, and reiterate that this third generation of CDI Concepcions were steadfastly committed to utilizing high standards, and the latest in technology, in offering the Filipinos the best the world can offer with their appliances. That this was a case of Filipinos manufacturing for Filipinos only meant that these products were designed by people who knew best what their consumers wanted and needed.


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Renna Hechanova-Angeles spoke about this Concepcion legacy, while Ton Concepcion expanded on the Condura and CDI vision; and Harold Pernikar, Jr., President of Consumer Lifestyle Solutions, honed in on the new offerings of Condura on the refrigerator front. Special guests were chefs Rob Pengson and Rosebud Benitez, devoted believers of the Condura line of products and are managing their own restaurants.


Guest chefs Rosebud Benitez and Rob Pengson


Within a Cool-Turang Tahanan concept, we were introduced to the Condura Ultima, the No-Frost Maxima and Optima, and the Prima. The top of the line Ultima series comes in a multi-door option, or side by side. The intellifunctions of the Ultima include power memory, eco and vacation mode, and 25 degrees Celsius ultra freeze technology. There’s a Flexi Fresh Zone, and LED and door alarm. 


Suzi Entrata-Abrera hosting the event


Essentially, we’re talking about real Condura Filipinnovation, and how it’s a “smart” refrigerator. It’s been designed with the needs of the Filipino homemaker in mind; among which are, how from week to week the ratio between fridge and freezer space may vary, how we often like to prepare for big meals and parties held at home, and how we all want to save electricity without spoiling our food left when we go away for the weekend or take longer vacations. 


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These are innovative, No Frost refrigerators that speak volumes about Filipino design. But beyond the various Condura models that one can check on their website or at showrooms, the afternoon was truly about Filipino pride, and how Concepcion Durables is playing its part in constantly updating and improving how they define this commitment to Filipino pride, and improving the lives of Filipinos.


Photographs by Philip Cu-Unjieng