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Inside A Cozy Loft With An Unparalleled View

The soft gray of the walls are complemented by the sofa and divan in plush silver gray by Aesthetica. The chartreuse chairs from Touch of Elegance add that punch of color to the room.



This cozy loft unit at the Rockwell Center was purchased by its owners as an investment. The selling points were the high ceilings and unparalleled views of the Pasig River and beyond from the 41st floor. They felt their vision for the place, a potential rental, would be best interpreted by designer Rene Orosa, a family friend who created elegant spaces for some relatives in Japan by largely utilizing what they already had. They greatly appreciated this talent in transforming the space by rearranging what existed.

With the goal of renting the place out, they asked Orosa to make the place look stylish enough to attract potential tenants, especially expats, who preferred neutral color schemes that would work well with whatever furniture or furnishings they chose to bring in. From there, they gave the designer free rein.

The unobstructed views were the focal point. The view extended from the two large corner walls of the dining room into the living room and den/family room. To give it a seamless look, the wall between the living room and the first bedroom was replaced with frameless sliding glass doors. Lined curtains in a lush, Thai silk-like fabric gave the option for privacy. A wall unit for TV with shelves and storage below was installed on the one big wall in a dark brown finish. The walls were washed with a neutral soft shade of gray and carried over throughout the apartment, including the two bedrooms upstairs. The open kitchen plan demanded clean and solid lines; hence, the same dark brown wood grain finish was used on the cupboards complemented by the 3-inch thick heat-resistant white speckled countertops and stainless steel appliances.


Meals will always be always be special with the coveted corner view of Pasig River and beyond. The quiet sophistication of the dining room set by Philux is perfectly illuminated by Triboa’s Pendant lighting. 


The open kitchen’s sleek lines matched the rest of the room while being unobtrusive.



Orosa chose a few previously used items from the owners’ storage and breathed new life into them by refinishing and reupholstering for a more contemporary look. Lamps were dressed up in new shades, sofas reshaped and reupholstered. Looking around, one would be hard pushed into distinguishing which pieces are old or new. The choice of cool colors punctuated with the bright chartreuse chair gave the area a young and refreshing feel. Subtly patterned rugs in the living room and the den pulled everything together. Since the space had expansive windows, the designer took advantage of the natural light available so that ambient lighting, provided by the upgraded lamps, was all that would be needed. Recessed ceiling lights, strategically placed, discreetly highlighted the few chosen paintings on the wall, adding yet another point of interest. Orosa encouraged his clients to bring in a few personal accessories to make the apartment look more lived in and welcoming, and to use the apartment to get a feel of the place.

To say the owners were pleased with how everything turned out is an understatement. Orosa delivered on his promise and more. The owners found the relaxed and calm interiors so much to their liking that they have decided to keep the place as their pied-.-terre or halfway house, to wait out traffic during rush hour or as a convenient weekend getaway.


The Den sofa bed from Dimensione is where guests are welcome to stay when they visit. The Eames-inspired chair was a gift from a friend. 


A quiet corner at the bottom of the stairs is made comfortable by a resurrected club chair the owners had used in a previous property but given a makeover by designer Orosa.


The refurbished Barbara Barry designed bed was the perfect fit for the master bedroom. Its simple lines did not overwhelm the room but was both inviting and calming instead



Design Smarts


For small spaces, choose cool, recessive colors to make the room look spacious and lend a quiet ambiance. Soft shades of gray were at play here, and carried over to some of the upholstered pieces such as the sofas. The darker finish of the wood on the lamp bases and tables was the perfect complement.


Choose versatile furniture such as sofa beds. In small spaces, this can make all the difference in freeing up some areas to move around in.


Add a splash of color with a vibrantly upholstered chair or easy-to-change accessories like pillows. This gives that extra punch to keep it interesting.


Keep window treatments simple and understated to make the space seem less crowded and small. In this loft, installing curtains would have cluttered up the view.


Glass is a great breaker of barriers for small spaces. A clean sweep of the eye gives the illusion of more space. It may cost a bit more than framed ones, but the effect would have been lost with the extra lines of the frames.


*This article was originally published in Metro Home & Entertaining's Vol. 13 No. 4 issue.


Photographs by Jar Concengco