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Our Top Picks From Three Of These Fall Décor Collections Are Worth "Falling" For

Crate&Barrel reinvigorates personal spaces with three of its Fall 2018 collections defined by finding new life and welcoming new energies. Guiding you through choosing the best from each is this list of picks. 



Modern Global

The saying "no man is an island" couldn't be truer today. As we travel more, meet new people, and open our minds to more ideas, our environments become more and more reflective of the amalgamation of all of these events and experiences. The Modern Global collection seeks to encapsulate this by bringing the best of what the world has to offer right into our homes. 


1. Your cupboard is sure to get a stylish makeover with the midnight botanical black and white collection. Art meets function in these handpainted bowls that make every dish pop, adding an appetizing layer to each bite and spoonful. 



2. The Yuki platter and bowls are Asian-inspired. Any slice, scoop, or serving of your tastebud's guilty pleasure can definitely be enjoyed while using them. Whip them up for a healthy breakfast of chia seeds, fresh fruit and your choice of yogurt, a savory bowl of Chinese noodles, or even a homemade bowl of Indonesian nasi goreng and they're sure to liven up a meal. 





These days, the more multi-faceted the better. It's a philosophy that applies not only to our world views, relationships, and personal endeavors, but also to the way our homes are designed. Combining different—and sometimes unlikely paired—elements can have surprising effects. With items from the Mixology, don't be afraid to experiment and try something new. 


1. The Nero white marble table proves that the sturdy material valued by the world's most luxurious households can add brightness and light to a space. Measuring 48 inches, this investment piece is not overwhelming nor overpowering; its timeless appeal and classic color will surely make it a centerpiece for years to come. 



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2. You'll surely impress guests with the sleek and modern noir round bar cart. While the multi-purpose piece was created to hold your go-to bottles of whiskey, bourbon, or cider (or whatever pleases your palate the most), its multi-tiered design allows you to design and customize it however you please. 



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3. Level up your grazing table and cocktail game with the Hayes marble and wood serving board set. Contemporary in its style, these serving boards remind you that when it comes to entertaining at home or simply serving up good food, presentation matters just as much as taste. 




Green Means Go

Come autumn, much of the planet's life comes to a still to ready itself for next year's spring awakening. It's a time for healing and rest, for recharging and preparation—all for the next cycle that's about to begin, and is full of opportunity and promise. Foster this energy in your favorite spaces with pieces from the Green Means Go line. 


1. This Sherwood sofa outfitted with an emerald panel evokes a sense of peace and being one with the natural world. 



2. The stow olive ottoman does double duty while going beautifully with furniture dressed in the season's richly hued pieces. This Crate&Barrel exclusive ottoman can be enjoyed as a comfortable seat and a stylish storage unit.



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3. The Atwood queen bed with a matching bookcase transports homeowners to a place where rustic living reigns supreme. This piece's simple, purist approach to wood finishes and silhouettes makes it easy to bring in any kind of home, while its unexpected carved-in bookcase is a charming detail that will never fade. 



Photos courtesy of Crate & Barrel