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A Peek Into Cristalle Belo-Pitt's Closet That Mirrors Her Sophisticated Sense Of Style


Cristalle Belo Henares-Pitt has evolved, from being an oversized shirt-wearing teen to one of Metro Manila’s most glamorous fashion trendsetters.

Whatever this beauty entrepreneur and heiress does, one thing is for sure: she always accomplishes it with style and aplomb. As seen in her grand wedding last year and her appearances in numerous magazines, newspapers, and galas, her style has always been fun, glamorous, and more than a little envy-inducing. “I’m currently living in bliss!” she says. “Justin and I just celebrated our first-year wedding anniversary in Italy. We spent a lot of time bonding and creating memories in Amalfi and Puglia. It was such an amazing experience!”

Aside from impeccable style, the other constant in Cristalle’s life are the constant projects she seems to be working on for Belo Essentials, which she runs. “We are preparing to launch amazing new products at Belo Essentials. We are about to release our new Belo Baby Wipes with Scarlet Snow Belo on the packaging,” she shares. “It’s hypoallergenic, and we created it without the harmful chemicals. I’m so excited about it because baby wipes are a necessity in everyone’s life... (they’re) not just for babies (I actually use a lot of baby wipes to clean my French bulldog’s feet after she goes on a walk)!”

For Cristalle, fashion is a never-ending source of joy and a fount of inspiration and self-expression, something that she can change up according to the occasion or her mood. “It’s fun!” she exclaims. “It’s always a project—preparing for a ball, changing your style, meeting with designers, looking online for pieces and inspiration. It’s a constant project I’m involved in.”


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Cristalle characterizes her personal style as fun, glam, and romantic. She wears Vania Romoff in this photo


You wouldn’t be able to tell now, but Cristalle was a bit of a latecomer to fashion. She credits Cher Horowitz, played by Alicia Silverstone in the ’90s hit Clueless for introducing her to fashion’s creative possibilities. “I watched it so many times that I’ve memorized the lines,” she says. “It just made me more conscious of fashion and style and how it can be an expression of oneself.”

Growing up, her biggest fashion inspiration was her older brother Quark, who is a director, head of Globe Studios, and a huge movie and pop culture buff. “I honestly really looked up to my older brother and because of that, dressed up like him! It was totally baggy pants and big shirts for me all the way until after college,” Cristalle says. “It was only when I worked at Belo did I feel I needed to play and look the part of Dr. Belo’s daughter.”

This has meant going all out during events—something many women dream of. “I glam up for events but I’m all about being productive so every day, I more or less have a ‘uniform’ I stick with just so I don’t have to think about it and (can) get right into what I have to get done for the day!” Cristalle says, adding that, “to date, my everyday wardrobe is still composed of Lululemon workout clothes and no lace white sneakers.”

Wardrobe staples include “white Gucci sneakers, Zara Basic sleeveless tops (I have all colors), and black

As one of Metro Manila’s most stylish personalities, Cristalle is not ashamed (okay, maybe she is, just a little) to admit that even she went through an embarrassing style phase. (But didn’t we all?). “(In) my teens, I would wear a huge T-shirt, shorts with a Tasmanian Devil face on it (he was my favorite cartoon character), socks, and Adidas slip-ons. Yes I would leave the house wearing that!”

She’s come a long way from her Taz-shorts-wearing phase. Nowadays, her personal style can be broken down into three looks: romantic, sophisticated, and sexy, or combinations thereof, looks reminiscent of some of her favorite fashion icons: Audrey Hepburn, Maricris Zobel, and Audrey Puckett Chiu.


Businesswoman Cristalle Belo Henares- Pitt is one of Manila’s most glamorous personalities. Cristalle wears Rajo Laurel


Her go-to designers of choice are a mix of local and international, though she does favor Filipino designers, many of whom have also become close friends. “I really genuinely like working with Filipino designers,” she says. Favorites include Charina Sarte, Vania Romoff, Rajo Laurel, and Val Taguba. “My stylist, Billie Mallare, and I work with them closely to achieve the look we want,” she adds.

When asked for the secret behind her scenestealing style, she said, “My biggest shopping destination is my mom’s closet! Thank God I fit into her clothes.”

Everyone’s idea of a fashion trendsetter is someone with a huge closet. Cristalle doesn’t exactly fit that mold. “I don’t hold on to things,” she says. “I clean my closet regularly. It’s a difficult exercise to do but to make it easier, I look at a piece and ask myself, ‘Am I still going to wear this or is it time to bless others?’” The clothes she decides to take out of circulation are often sold on “It’s a good platform for preloved items!”


Cristalle’s collection of clutches. She particularly loves local designers Bea Valdes and Monique Lhuillier to make an elegant and unforgettable statement


This was put to the test recently when Cristalle and husband Justin Pitt had to temporarily move into a small apartment while their place was being renovated. “I tried to create a ‘capsule closet’ and focus on the pieces I really needed. And here are the things I learned:

“For heels, you can actually get away with having one black, one silver, and one gold pair.

“Make sure you bring the basics—more of solid colors and no major prints—so you can mix and match.

“The only jewelry you need are earrings because they frame your face beautifully!”

Earrings, by the way, are the only items of jewelry that Cristalle feels that she has to wear on a daily basis, aside from her engagement and wedding rings, of course.


Earrings are Cristalle’s favorite accessories. They are the only items of jewelry that Belo-Pitt feels that she has to wear on a daily basis


That said, Cristalle isn’t beyond sentimentality. “The oldest piece I have is a silk dress I bought in Ralph Lauren in 2014,” she shares. “It was the dress I was wearing when Justin proposed to me in the Maldives so it’s hard to let it go!”

Cristalle is a woman who is on top of her game. She runs a successful company, is happily married, and is looked to as one of the metro’s most glamorous and well-traveled personalities. To her, fashion is just another
outlet for her bubbly, hardworking personality. It is also a reminder of the transience of things, and this is exactly one of the reasons she loves it so much. “The way it changes every season and designers come up with new things yet there are still those long-lasting, classic looks and pieces (make me happy),” she says. “I like the innovation but I also appreciate the foundation.”


Cristalle never steps out without her essentials—Belo Essentials tinted sunscreen, Belo Neutraceuticals collagen powder drink, a pair of cute earrings, and a statement clutch


No matter what Cristalle wears or what she’s obsessed with at the moment, the look never strays from who she is as a person. This is the real art in fashion: being able to slip into the season’s latest trends while keeping one’s personality intact. It’s an art that Cristalle has mastered quite well. “I believe it all has to do with personal branding,” she says. “Know who you are. Identify what you are and more importantly, what
you are not.

“Assess how you want to project that into the world. How would you like the world to receive your message? Without you saying anything, they are judging you based on your style and the way you carry yourself. How would you like to be perceived by the world?”

And lastly, “Be authentic. No matter how much you try to be something, if it doesn’t come from the heart and doesn’t come naturally, people won’t be able to relate to that.”


This article was originally published on Metro Society's November 2017 issue.


Photographs by Magic Liwanag
Makeup and hair by Mitch Gallito
Styled by Billie Mallare