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EXCLUSIVE: Danext Furniture Concept Answers All Your Custom-Made Home Décor Requirements

Round up all the furniture, upholstery, and home décor ideas you've kept in the backburner for far too long; Danext Furniture Concept can bring them back to life!





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With the non-stop inquiries and orders that this custom-made furnitute specialist receives, it's amazing to learn that it's only been around for three years. The continuous stream of successes proves that Dane Externon hit the nail right on the head when she established her business with the intention of addressing an all-too-common conundrum that many homeowners can relate to. 

She describes, "Nowadays, we see a lot of designs, aesthetics, and themes that we’ve always dream of having, but the problem is we don’t know where we can buy or get them. We go to the mall looking for the same design, but end up not finding 'the one' because either they don’t have that actual design, the size is not proportioned to your house, or it’s not the color you’ve always imagined it to be," Dane says.

"You end up either not buying anything—thus setting your goals aside—or even forgetting it or settling by purchasing furniture [that's] just close to what you [really want]. Luckily, now, we already have custom-made furniture [that's made] according to your needs, requirements, preferences, and style," she continues. 




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As an interior design graduate of St. Scholastica Manila who spent five years practicing her craft before becoming an entrepreneur, Dane knows the importance—and the sheer satisfaction!—of being able to tie a room together and anchor its look on one or two very special pieces. 

With Filipinos becoming more and more exposed to design trends from all over the world and wishing to recreate them in their own spaces, Danext Furniture Concept couldn't have made it on our radar at a better time. Know that this business doesn't merely offer made-to-order pieces, either; Dane's meticulousness and customer care commitment guarantee that clients receive both beauty and quality with each project they work on together. 




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Her fabrics are Belgian-made and she uses only Uratex foam; this doesn't change even for projects that have quantity requirements. ("We don’t compromise quality. If we have project with quantity requirements, we tell the client that we cannot use lower types of foams and fabrics just to fit their budget," Dane emphasizes).

Best of all, Dane has a skilled and motivated pool of workers to stitch designs together—top-notch craftsmanship all in all, just as she promises. 

To date, Dane has worked with hundreds of satisfied clients who decorated a new home, revamped an office, or simply refreshed an existing piece of furniture. Celebs like Kat Ramnani and Christian Bautista have taken a huge liking to her designs that are now in their condo, fashion and travel blogger and digital influencer Laureen Uy enlisted Dane to help her redesign her home, host and model Nicole Andersson trusted her with a project, and luxury destination Horizon Homes Shangri-La also features some of Danext's best work. 




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For anyone wishing to breathe new life into their own spaces, just like these famous faces, Dane has a few tips for you to get started with: 

First, choose a peg! Get acquainted with design terms like "industrial, contemporary, modern, Scandinavian" and more. Have tons of fun using your imagination, then settle on a theme that will narrow down choices and help Dane and her team envision a cohesive look. (Bonus tip: Dane is into modern contemporary and loves its timeless look, and her business specializes in trends like tufting, gold accents, and marbles). 

Second, set a budget. This helps all sides manage expectations and shields everyone from the unwanted possibility of having to settle for less than what was desired. 

Third, be mindful of materials. Durability always supercedes aesthetics! "Lasting a lifetime" are your keywords when deciding between wood and metal or other materials, the kind of fabric, and how a piece of furniture will be used. 




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At the end of the day, Dane is ecstatic to be in this business that's truly all about customer satisfaction. This businesswoman is definitely proud to have accomplished all that she has in a few years' time, and looks forward to becoming a favorite Philippine custom-made furniture brand that those with an eye for design can depend on. 

To learn more about Dane and Danext Furniture Concept, visit them on Instagram and Facebook, or get in touch via email at

See more of Dane's best works in this gallery below!




Photos courtesy of Dane Externon and @danextfurnitureconcept