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Design Inspirations From Tiny Mobile Houses That Look Luxurious

Freedom from unnecessary clutter, freedom from rent, freedom to get up and go whenever you feel like it—this is what a tiny mobile house affords you.

But tiny doesn’t have to mean cramped or stuffy. In fact, tiny house experts Tyson and Michelle Spiess show us that you can make any space feel luxurious and comfortable with the right planning, the right furniture, and the right accents. Their motto: living tiny without sparing luxury.


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Bring your home anywhere


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Here are some inspiration and tips from the Spiess couple if you’re looking to set up your own tiny home:


Attic bedroom

When you’re short on space, you can create a bedroom area out of the “second floor” of your trailer. Since the bed is close to the roof, it gives off the attic vibe. Choose the bed or mattress, as well as the storage cabinets, wisely.


Bedroom on the "second floor"


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One way to make it feel more comfortable is to put skylights, which can open up and usher in fresh air and sunlight. A luxurious touch you can do as well is to put built-in speakers which connect via Bluetooth, so you can enjoy some good music if you’re up there reading a book or getting ready to sleep.


Splurge on some skylights for a brighter ambiance


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Storage by the stairs

To save space, Tyson and Michelle usually provide a step ladder that you can set up whenever you need to climb up the bedroom area. But if you want something more stable, you don’t necessarily have to give up the stairs!

In this tiny home, they utilized the stairs, so it doesn’t only serve the purpose of giving access to the bedroom; it also doubles as a storage space for books, knick-knacks, and even the refrigerator.


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Pet-friendly touches

Never give up your pet’s comfort, even if you decide to live or travel in a tiny home. There are still ways to creatively craft your home to tailor-fit it to your pet’s needs. One way is to make a “cat runway” going around the house to lead your cat to her litter box. And this crafty litter box even doubles as a vintage chest accent!


What looks like a vintage chest... actually a cat litter box!


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Customized pieces

Custom pieces are essential for tiny homes because most store-bought items won’t fit your specifications. Sometimes, Michelle and Tyson go through the effort of having a shorter gas range built to fit the design of the house or a custom fireplace to suit the client's need.


Fireplace tucked between the His and Her cabinets


You also don’t have to give up the hard wood if you’re looking for a luxurious finish. Hard wood on top of engineered flooring makes the flooring more durable and flexible, for a minimal additional cost.


Spot the customized gas range and the hardwood floor



Key items

You don’t have to give up the things that you want even if you want to save space. You just have to do it cleverly. You can still build around these key items and furniture to make it work. This clawfoot bathtub is a special request of a client of Michelle and Tyson so they customized the rest of the bathroom to make space for the tub. A tub in a tiny trailer home? It's absolutely possible!


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Luxury downsized


This multi-functional table is also a great accent piece that can be folded or moved around depending on your needs. Use multi-functional items so you don’t have to give up the things that you want in a house.


A hundred-year-old vintage find



Hidden features

The secret to building tiny homes is maximizing the space—all of it! Sometimes, a bar counter can double as a television storage so the TV comes out only when you need it.


Surprise, there's a TV!


This sitting area is a nice accent to the house—but underneath the pillows and the cushion is a hidden storage for your things.


Lift the pillows and you'll find extra storage!


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Tyson and Michelle Spiess run a high-end tiny home-building company with Michelle’s two brothers and their wives. They make luxurious custom homes that can all hit the highway so their clients can live however they want, wherever they want.


Catch back-to-back premiere episodes of Tiny Luxury, where Tyson and Michelle showcase some of their clients’ tiny homes, starting on October 15, 11:00 p.m. on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD. Catch replays every 5:00 p.m.