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All The Things We Love About Doug And Chesca Kramer's Modern Rustic Home In Progress

For power couple Doug and Chesca Kramer, nothing in life is more important than family time. 

With three (going four!) beautiful children in their hearth, they know by heart that the most prized treasure they could ever be blessed with is the chance to love them and be loved by them in return. The first ingredient to this love story in the making? A home fit for a loving family like theirs, of course!


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The needs of this family were what Doug and Chesca had in mind when they decided to build a new home from the ground up, an elegant structure that's sure to transform into their new haven for countless memories to be made.

Now in the process of furnishing Team Kramer's new headquarters, they take us through what they've accomplished and what they hope to soon accomplish. Check out the details of the new family house below!



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Wood and warmth

As this couple describes it, there's simply something about incorporating wood into one's home that immediately makes it warmer and more welcoming. The element is sorely lacking in their current home, so Chesca was sure to make up for it by picking out matte oak wood for bedroom floors, while Doug chose bold combinations of kamagong, mahogany, and narra for the living area. 


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Personal touches

Even when in keeping with a theme or color palette for one's home, it's important to remember to add personal touches that reflect your family's loves, interests, or shared memories because, it is after all, your home! When it came to the Kramers' place, a custom wooden rectangular block composed of contrasting square blocks of wood were designed to create a cross. The subtle nod to their faith was positioned in a shared space where they'll likely spend most of their family time together. 


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An inside look! ?? Here's our high ceiling living area! I decided to play around with different kinds of wood for our ceiling. Kamagong, Mahogany and Narra were used. So we had to properly blend everything and hopefully the end product will look good. The drop ceiling was done so we can have strip lights reflect to the upper wood ceiling. . I thought a lot on so much details, it gave me "nice headaches." ?? Frames of the lights were spray painted black. Actually even my door handles and door hinges were powder coated black, just so we can keep with the theme of the house, rustic modern. Just the colors brown, gray and black! Wood chandeliers were locally made. Even the small square wood art on the wall. Out of it, Chesca and I decided for the small squares to form a cross. It's a reflection of our faith and love of a resurrected Jesus Christ! He's the reason for everything for us! ????

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Built with purpose

Despite having absolute freedom in designing their home, Doug kept purposeful construction in mind when he designed each space. This was especially true when he and Chesca conceptualized the kids' study area, a crucial place in the home as all three children are home schooled. Separate from their bedrooms, equipped with lots of shelves and desks needed for learning, clutter-free, and painted in calming colors, the room was outfitted for this purpose exactly. 


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Indoor-outdoor living

One of the biggest trends in architecture these days is building a home that seamlessly combines the inside and outdoor aspects of one's property. Gone are the days of shutting out wind, heat, and garden foliage; instead, homeowners are finding ways to enjoy the country's tropical climate in more stylish, suitable ways. Take the wooden lanai that the Kramer family is looking forward to; it's got a pool, barbecue pit, lounging area, and a spectacular view that'll make it feel like it's summer all year round.  


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Visual treat

Although the point of designing a lovely home is to enjoy time indoors, it's always great fun to decide on where to place windows (and the rooms that they illuminate) to take advantage of the views outside. Check out the work that Chesca credits to Doug; they won't only have the chance to appreciate the scenery outside from the comforts of their bedroom, but can also enjoy it up close, thanks to a romantic bedroom balcony. 


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The view from our masters bedroom balcony. ?? A view that I will very soon be waking up to. I am already imagining all the many new memories we will be making here.?? The last photo is my favorite place in the house. Love all the different textures and materials used. This makes me look back at the time we were building our first home... I can still remember it like it was just yesterday. Here we are again, standing in front of a new home that we will be moving in in a few months. I am so thankful that I have such a hands on husband when it comes to the construction of our house and making sure everything is meticulously done. I have nothing to do with this. I just come with him every now and then and I am surprised each and every time. Ps. Don't worry I won't fall. There is a roof right below me.

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A home is your kingdom; you can do as you please, especially when it comes to color combinations. Yet a rule of thumb to keep in mind when wanting to achieve an effortlessly elegant finish is to stick to variants of the same color cousins. Gray, brown, beige, black—these are the colors that Doug stuck to and by choosing to go either lighter or darker in certain parts of the house, depth was added to an otherwise neutral palette. 


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Own inputs

One of the best ways to end up with a home that truly speaks leagues about your family's personality is to be hands-on and vocal about what you want it to look like; don't depend heavily on an interior designer's choices, but be part of the process. For instance, Mr. and Mrs. Kramer simply put their heads together (with the help of the Internet!) to come up with the unsual combo of rustic-meets-chic industrial, a look that turned out to be totally original cohesive, and very them. 


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An inside look to our new rustic home! Tiles at the 2nd floor have been installed, and when it will all come together, it will be an industrial look. The white walls will turn ito an unfinished cement look and then the ceiling at our open areas inside the house will have different rough shades of wood using tanguile, then narra and kamagong. Doug made the doors 9 feet tall and even the main door is 10 feet high! Open spaces will be very evident. Modern rustic is the theme. I love how my husband has been on top of things throughout the construction of the house to the designing! He's almost like a project manager! Just like our current house tho, we decided to not have an interior designer, just a collab of Doug's and my favorite pegs, with a little help from pinterest! ?? Can't wait to see how everything will unfold! ?? Thank you Lord!! ????

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The purpose of building

The Kramers made sure they were building a home—not just a house. Beautiful as a structure might be, it's essentially just walls and a bunch of heavy furniture and equipment inside if it lacks a reason for being—providing a safe space for a family that's growing together and happy to be under one roof. Doug and Chesca never fail to remind themselves of why they're working on this project, and the meaningful outcome they expect to reach. 


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"He who has a Why to live can bear almost any How." : Here is to a purposeful 2019. ??

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Life training 

Overall, building a home isn't just about raising something from the ground up and then decorating it; building a home is an accurate metaphor for building one's very life, the process of which can sometimes tests one's limits. Disappointments, setbacks, compromise, and delays are all part of the construction process, but isn't life, too? All of Chesca and Doug's posts about their new home almost always speak of their excitement about their next adventures as a family and the things they learn about one another as husband and wife as they hit one milestone, one at a time. 

It's turning out that their dream house come to life is serving more purpose than one: a place to come home to, and a home where they'll never stop learning what it really means to be a family. 


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Today marks 15 months of construction! Only 3 months left to the next chapter for our family! Behind me is our open lanai leading to the infinity pool facing the city view! . Been a busy time, but I'm glad I can juggle everything. Time management has been something I've always been good at. From basketball, to shoots and guestings, family time and weekly visits to the new house. . Glad I got the strength to do everything! Just as I take care of my health through diet and excercise and rest, I also have my daily routine of oral health through @Gumtect which keeps me focused on what I need to do and not be bothered by any gum or teeth problems! We all know a simple toothache or cold sore can bring us down. . Two ????to those who can juggle work, family and other obligations while still maintaining good health! ??

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