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From Automation To A Home Theater—7 Epic Details Of Team Kramer's New House!

Tony Stark, you better watch out; fierce competition in the coolest house challenge is brewing at Team Kramer's new house!



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After two years of construction, conceptualization, and anticipation, Chesca Garcia, Doug Kramer and their kids Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin have finally moved into their new family home and it's legitimately one of the most impressive feats of self-designed architecture and engineering we've ever seen. 

The massive house is full of this husband and wife's imagination come to life (Doug is especially proud of how he did it without the help of a professional designer and took over the color palette and material sourcing himself) and unique elements made to fit their family's needs. 


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Slowly, they've revealed parts of their home—the first that Doug and Chesca designed and built from scratch since they got married 10 years ago—and let us tell you that from the little that we've seen, it is awesome.


Check out some of their home's best details!


The play area

We're not talking about an ordinary room with rubber matting and toys, traditional, digital, or otherwise. No, this is an actual area that is similar to fastfood playgrounds, mall pocket theme parks, and now-defunct Kids-At-Work branches. 

The Kramer kids have a sizeable ball pit and carnival-type play area complete with slides and maze-like steps that, if we're being totally honest, are inviting to both little and adult guests of the Kramer house.

It was meant to be a gift from Doug and Chesca to their children who the proud dad described as totally deserving of the surprise for being such great kids. 


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The outdoor pool

Every house can benefit from an outdoor pool; it's pretty enough to be an Instagrammable corner, and of course, a great spot for family hangouts. But aside from those things, Team Kramer's pool has a little extra something going for it given their home's location; it's perched on a hillside, so that gives the pool a breathtaking panoramic view of the city below!


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The home theater

It's Doug's crowning glory, his ultimate architectural dream materialized, and according to him, it boasts of a "180 inch 2.35 aspect ratio screen, powered by a Sony Laser 4k native projector, with an 11.2.4 sound system... 11 surround speakers, 2 subwoofers and 4 ceiling Atmos speakers." 

And don't forget the rows of La-Z-Boy chairs that provide the ultimate experience of comfort when the Kramers and their guests literally have their backs reclined and feet up during a movie marathon. Really, the only thing missing is a popcorn stand!


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I'm happy to present our Team Kramer theater! If you know me, you'll know one of my hobbies is listening to good speakers, and watching movies with the fam. The first cinema I designed from scratch was the one at our previous house. Unlike that one, which was red and black. I went with black and brown, with brown being an accent wood around the cinema. . Swipe to see the before and after progress! ?? . I conceptualized this look over 2 years ago and I couldn't wait to execute it at our new place. That's why I get so excited for every visit to the house. I was so detailed with the whole house, but extra detailed when it came to the theater, I did manual measurements for power outlets, distance between the wood ceiling claddings and even the spacing for the rows of seats. You won't see any equipment in the theater, it's all in a control room. Everything is controlled via automation. Free from visible wires, equipment. Just the visibility of the speakers, screen and the wood. . For those wondering, it's a 180 inch 2.35 aspect ratio screen, powered by a Sony Laser 4k native projector, with an 11.2.4 sound system. Meaning 11 surround speakers, 2 subwoofers and 4 ceiling Atmos speakers. . It's my dream theater build and I cant wait to rewatch more movies with family and friends! With that being said, I'm charging 200 Pesos lang per head, so come over na! ??????

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The poolside grill 

"Kramer steak"—that's what Doug, a food lover and self-taught cook, calls his signature dish of thick cut slices of beef seered on the outside but left pink and juicy on the inside. 

The Insta-famous steak and the rest of his family cooking skills have gotten a ton of airtime on his social media accounts that it only makes sense for his new home to have an area reserved for his culinary adventures and experiments. Aside from the indoor kitchen, Doug also enjoys an outdoor grill next to the pool that makes a mighty good place for drinking and dining with the guys. 


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The homeschooling classroom

Doug and Chesca opted for a more hands-on approach to their kids' education and picked the homeschooling path for all them.

To ensure that their kids have a conducive environment for learning despite having their lessons conducted at home, Doug and Chesca dedicated a room just for this purpose.


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The automation

This feature isn't a room, but it doesn't make it any less epic!

Doug equipped his home with automated features to make moving around more efficient and he showed his followers the intended effect in a recent Instagram post. It shows Kendra and Scarlet giving Amazon's Alexa instructions for turning their play area's lights on and off—one of the first of the Kramer's house's many automated controls!


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And last but not the least, the elevator!

When Doug posted a video of him and Chesca surprising their kids and showing them their play area for the first time, we got to see that they seem to have an elevator conveniently set up by their staircase, too!


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Photos from @dougkramer