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Ethan Allen Launches An Augmented Reality App

Steven and Loli Sy and their Focus Global company continuously find ways to make our engagement with their brands more exciting, adventurous and super-functional. In the case of Ethan Allen, a new, Augmented Reality App was unveiled the other day, and it was highlighted by a newly renovated Ethan Allen floor at their BGC building. It featured the Uptown Collection, and had Atelier Almario’s Creative Director Cynthia Almario providing an extensive helping hand.

And what a hand that was, as Cynthia really added a slew of elements to the showroom floor, making it that much more of a living, breathing exposition of what one could do with the Ethan Allen line in their own house. Whether it was the living room, the dining area, or the bedroom, there were several model tableaux set up to let our imagination run wild, and wonder, "Why not in our own homes!" Cynthia also made more more use of diffused natural light, so that in the daytime, one had a better sense of the kind of warmth one could replicate. 





For the more creatively gifted among us, or those who are practical, and of a more no-nonsense disposition, the Ethan Allen Augmented Reality App will come as a godsend. One downloads the app, and basically, it allows you to create a 3D representation of your own house and its rooms, and gives you the chance to imagine what it would look like with an Ethan Allen piece in it.

Right now, this is limited to the 2018 Uptown Collection, but this is more than helpful in giving us a keener sense of how the Uptown furniture would fit in our own house, and what needs to be moved or renovated to enhance the new addition.