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EXCLUSIVE: At Home With Jessy Mendiola—A Look Inside Her Resort-Inspired Home

At home with Jessy Mendiola


Invading a celebrity’s personal space is both exciting and interesting. It shows you who the star truly is behind the camera—you get a glimpse of a side of him or her that you don’t usually see on television. It lets you in on the kind of lifestyle he or she leads—everyday must-haves, can’t-live-withouts, favorite food or color! It gives you a clearer grasp of her personality, with his or her home mirroring it.

This is exactly how one afternoon went for the Metro.Style team, as actress Jessy Mendiola happily shared details about her and her three-bedroom condominium unit, which she has been calling home for a couple of years now.


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Jessy in a custom blue velvet jumpsuit by Rob Lim 



Life’s a beach

Known as one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in the country today, Jessy Mendiola loves celebrating her curves and proudly showcasing them in one of her favorite places: the beach. With showbiz commitments holding her back from planning a beach escape any time she wants, though, Jessy thought it best to incorporate the beach vibe into her home’s interiors instead. “I wanted a beach-y look, para kahit papaano, ‘yung feel, nandu’n ka pa rin,” says the actress.

To dress up her condo, Jessy turned to her sister Megan, who is an interior design student. With the knack for sprucing up a space and her familiarity with her elder sister’s taste and true personality, the 19-year-old was able to achieve Jessy’s dream home design. “The moment I stepped in, sabi ko, ‘Oh, wow! This is perfect!’ This is what I imagined it to be. She really did a great job. I’m very proud of what she has accomplished,” Jessy told Metro.Style.


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Jessy and her younger sister, Megan, who was in charge of the interior design of the actress' home | Jessy in a blush sweater and denim shorts both by American Eagle Outfitters


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Drenched in natural light, the space easily calls to mind resort living. With Jessy preferring a cool casual ambiance, Megan only stuck to a fresh palette of whites, neutrals, and teals—from the walls to the furnishings to the accents. Wooden elements contribute to the tropical vibe and lend the home a rustic charm.


Ameli revolving chair and wooden tray by Triboa Bay Living, Florentine Paisley throw pillow and Honeycomb Ivory pillow by Pottery Barn, and Birds of Paradise tall plants by Tierra Plants


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The resort theme is reinforced by beach-appropriate décor such as seashells, an underwater painting (a housewarming gift she received from her boyfriend Luis Manzano), indoor plants, and books that add to the coastal character. The younger Mendiola kept things light, simple, and airy. Megan advises, “Trick the eye with mirrors and neutrals to make the space look wider and bigger!”


Maxfield napkin ring, round charger, Wheaton napkin in Sailor Blue and Wheaton stripe placemat in Navy all by Pottery Barn


Jessy believes that a house should reflect the personality of its dweller, and that’s exactly how she feels about her condo. “I love that it shows what I like to do, like reading. I love the beach. I like light colors, like blue and white. In short, I love that it shows who I am,” she says. “Home is where you’re comfortable and at peace. Home is when everything’s just easy and relaxed.”


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The elements that make a home

Jessy says the living room is her favorite area in her house. Her big, beige and off-white couch is the focal point, and it’s her favorite piece of furniture. It’s where she always find herself lazing around in—playing with her dog, watching TV, or curling up with a good book.

Another interesting furniture piece here is the center table across the couch, which cleverly hides chairs on the sides. There is also a revolving chair from Triboa Bay Living, which is a conversation piece, plus her sister’s favorite décor, a tumbling block wall art.


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Tumbling block wall art by Triboa Bay Living | Jessy in a brown turtleneck top by Mango


Putting the look together are the small details like pillows and throws they got from Pottery Barn, a tall potted plant from Tierra Plants, and piles of her favorite reading materials. “I like na naka-display talaga sila. They’re really part of the whole façade,” Jessy says of her book collection. “May mga nakatago pa ngang books sa cabinets, e! Books are my addiction.”

Also notable in her home is her walk-in closet, which used to be a bedroom. Given the nature of her job as an actress and a TV personality, Jessy knew a spacious closet is a must-have, to house her growing collections of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and beauty products (she has a perfume collection!).


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Cozy Ticking Stripe throw by Pottery Barn


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“When we got here, sabi ko, why don’t we use the other room as a walk-in closet para lang ma-maximize ‘yung space? Kasi s’yempre with my work, ang dami kong gamit. In fairness naman, sobrang ganda nu’ng kinalabasan,” she muses.

Megan worked her magic and built everything from scratch! She had cabinets and additional storage solutions customized, to ensure that every nook and corner in the room is utilized well. The predominantly white room looks bright—something that isn’t only visually pleasant, but also a factor that makes breezing through her items much easier. The lighting here is amazing—no wonder it’s Jessy’s favorite spot for taking selfies and OOTDs.


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Jessy in a black turtleneck top and pleated skirt both by H&M


Ask any design expert for his/her tip on how to make a home feel homier, and he/she will surely say that personalizing your spaces is key. Adding your personal touch gives an indescribable warmth to an otherwise ordinary area. A perfect example for this in Jessy’s home is the wall just right outside her walk-in closet and across her bedroom; it has displays of various artworks inspired by Jessy, given to her by her loyal fans and supporters. “It was my idea to place that there so that when she wakes up, gets out of her room, she’ll always be reminded of how she is loved and idolized,” Megan shares with Metro.Style. “It’s more of a motivation and, of course, appreciation to those who made it.”


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Leading a well-balanced life

When asked about how she describes her life right now, her answer is summarized into one word: balanced. “I have work, I also have time to rest,” Jessy shares. A typical day for her would go like this: workout in the morning, take a bit of rest after, do some errands, call her sister or her friends to plan dinner or shopping dates. A part of the showbiz industry for a decade now, this gorgeous 25-year-old basks in a relaxed and peaceful life.

She takes her time, and spends it well with her loved ones. She’s done shooting one film, and currently working on two more; one of these is an entry to the 44th Metro Manila Film Festival, where she stars alongside Jericho Rosales. It’s a project that is close to her heart for its many firsts—her first venture in the celebrated film festival, first rom-com, and first lead in a film. It also came at a time when she almost gave up on acting. The script landed on her lap at the perfect moment, and she decided to give acting another shot. Her two other movies include a comedy act with Ketchup Eusebio, Joross Gamboa, and Arjo Atayde, and another one she’s starring in with Derek Ramsay.


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Leading a well-balanced life is something that Jessy takes to heart. This is why no matter how busy she gets, she makes sure she devotes time for her fitness regimen. And this is where it gets interesting—she doesn’t need to go to the gym, because she can do her workouts at home, be it in her spacious living area or in her guest room! For those who always make an excuse to skip workouts, because it’s a hassle to go to the gym, take your cues from Jessy!

“My trainer, si Mama Kat (Geronimo-Garcia), siya ‘yung nag-personalize ng workout ko para sakto siya sa bahay lang,” she says. Jessy used to be strict about her routine, but soon found out that the key is listening to what her body tells her. She adds, “I realized that, to have fun in life, I need to find the perfect balance. I found out how to eat in moderation and how to switch my workouts.”


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She recommends kettlebells for people who, like her, works out in the comforts of their home. Having an exercise mat or a yoga mat is definitely a bonus. “You don’t need a lot of stuff para lang mag-workout. Kahit wala kang hawak, kahit bodyweight lang. If you want to dance, just dance! No one’s there to watch you naman,” she quips.

Now, having an enviable figure like Jessy's isn’t just about workouts, it has to be balanced with healthy food as well. If you’re wondering what’s in her fridge, she regularly stocks on fruits, veggies, and brown rice. But, “madaming wine, madaming cheese,” Jessy laughs. Sometimes, she indulges on her favorite pizza on her cheat day, and reminds herself that it’s okay. “If you’re craving for something, eat it. Basta balance lang lahat,” she says.

Much like moving into a new space or incorporating small yet meaningful changes in your life like what Jessy did, believe that it’s all for your growth and betterment. Her mantra? “Slow progress is still progress.” Watching Jessy sit comfortably on her couch, on her bed, and on her ottoman in the closet, it’s clear she is happy with everything she’s worked hard for to achieve and with how things are going for her in life, love, career, and everything in between.


Produced by Grace Libero-Cruz

Photographs by Rxandy Capinpin

Creative direction by Chookie Cruz

Makeup by Rick Calderon

Hairstyling by Berlie Angeles

Styling by Patty Yap

Interior styling by Megan Tawile

Special thanks to Star Magic and Shakey's