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Exclusive: "The Future Of Design Is Freedom"—Giulio Cappellini Talks About "The Cappellini Method" Book

Celebrated designer Giulio Cappellini


The book The Cappellini Method by Francesca Serrazanetti was officially launched last March 2 at Studio Dimensione’s Cappellini showroom in BGC, Taguig. Celebrated designer Giulio Cappellini himself attended the exclusive event, a rare treat for interior décor and furniture design aficionados.

For the uninitiated, it is a must to note that many of Cappellini’s pieces are on permanent display at the furniture collection of MOMA New York—a testament to the weight of Cappellini as a design force in the world.

Many of his pieces are also on permanent display at leading museums like the Galleria D’Arte Moderna in Rome, Musee Des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and Museum Für Angewandte Kunst in Köln.

Progetti Compiuti Side 1 Chest of Drawers


Striking Revolving Chest of Drawers and Inspiring Pyramid Cabinet?


The Cappellini Method

The book delves deep into the fascinating world of the 64-year-old Milanese designer. Published in 2017, the book is presented in a dictionary-like format, with each letter representing an aspect of Cappellini’s inspirations and various works.

Part of the book tackled the history of Cappellini’s company, and how he transformed his family’s business into one of the most recognized and acclaimed makers of modern décor today.

The book is also filled with Cappellini’s unique stories, memories, inspirations, and encounters with unique personalities and celebrities (like the Queen of England). Reading the book feels like you have Cappellini beside you telling the story, in a sort of tête-à-tête at a café with the designer himself.



For us though, we had the real thing in front of us. So Metro.Style took advantage of this rare opportunity and asked the master designer himself to talk about the book:


Tell us about the book, Giulio.

The book is not just a celebration of Cappellini, but also a book that speaks mostly about the fantastic people I met, worked with, and inspired me during my long career in design. It’s about them, actually.

It’s a book that also tackles the things that give me inspiration and about the products and décor I made in the past, and most importantly, about the things I want to make in the future. That is why there is a question mark in the cover of the book. Because, for me, I always say to my staff, to myself, to everyone, “What is next?” I am always looking to the future.

Also, the subtitle of the book is "A Performing Dream," because I think that dreaming is very, very important. We have to try and do and produce new, beautiful, and most importantly, useful products.

Above all, I think it is important to inspire people (with your works) to dream more and smile. To make them happy, and feel good about themselves. That, I think, is one of the essential themes that I impart in all my products.


 What do you think about the future of design?

 You know, there is already a big change. The design of today is, for sure, very different from the design of the 80s and so on. Today, it is very important to try to understand the thought and way of thinking of the consumer. To try to make the right products for them and to try to create universal products that we can sell in Milan, in Manila, in Hong Kong, and in London. Today, everything is connected, you know?

Today, also, there is a new approach to design. In the past, we always have to follow trends. Now, I think that the real trend is FREEDOM. Freedom for the end consumer to mix different products designed by different designers. So really, I think I can say that the future of design is freedom.



What can consumers expect from Cappellini in the next few months?

We will always try to be Cappellini. We will always try to be contemporary. We will always work on research, because I think that to be modern and up to date with what the consumer wants is important.

Cappellini will always work on innovation, to make something new. And you know, I think that working in this industry is not only to invent new shapes, but to work on new materials, on new production systems, on new textures, and so on.

And also, as Cappellini, we will also start designing buildings. In Athens will rise the first Cappellini Residence, a major accomplishment for us, as a company. So watch out for more buildings designed by Cappellini in the future.


Proust Geometrica Chair by Alessandro Mendini for Cappellini


Embroidery Chair series by Swedish designer Johan Lindstèn for Cappellini



The Cappellini Method: A Performing Dream (P2,275) is available in Cappellini Showroom, Studio Dimensione, One Parkade 28th St. cor. 7th Ave. BGC, Taguig.


Photographs courtesy of Cappellini (cover photo and thumbnail) / Photographs by Maria Francia (article)