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Experts Share Their Interior Design Resolutions For 2018

New year, new style. If there’s ever a best time to hit the refresh button and see and do things from a different—or better—perspective, it’s the start of the year. The presence of the new trends are starting to be felt more, and influences the directions designers are about to take for the months to come. Likewise, there may be that conscious effort to not be dictated by trends and allow the classics to find their way in modern settings. Either way, the best interior design resolution proves to be the constant effort to champion creativity, ingenuity, and environmentally conscious design in producing well-styled homes and commercial spaces alike. Here, Metro.Style asked three experts to share their own interior design resolutions for 2018:


This Asian-inspired contemporary office, which incorporates gold with rattan and wood elements, takes up Stephanie Yan's booth at the G.O.L.D. (Glamorous, Opulent, and Luxurious Design) exhibit of the Philippine School of Interior Design last year. | Photo by Daniel Soriano for Metro Home & Entertaining


“This year, I want to spend more time seeking inspiration to give more meaning into our designs. I would also love to encourage the use of color. And last but not the least, I want to make more thoughtful material choices and be more environmentally conscious.”—Stephanie Yan


Lalyn Nivera's booth at the Philippine School of Interior Design's G.O.L.D exhibit last year features an elegant master bedroom with key elements of raw wood slats and poured concrete walls, with the pops of yellow softening its industrial luxe aesthetic. | Photo by Daniel Soriano for Metro Home & Entertaining


“For 2018, I want to encourage and help clients be confident in their own style. There can always be something special in everyone’s personal preference. It is just a matter of learning how to edit things, combine and complement each piece to create something special. In the end, I wish to be able to use my expertise in interior design to bring out and highlight the client’s personal taste in the home, office and/or space, not necessarily my personal style as an interior designer. I wish to do more edgy and out-of-the-box designs far far away from trendy ideas. Enough of those modern-industrial themes!”—Lalyn Nivera


Wilmer Lopez is one of the creative minds behind interior design firm/mid-century modern furniture brand Space Encounters, the other being Thor Balanon. Last year, they ventured into Space Encounters Gallery, which "aims to promote a community that embraces reciprocity of ideas and art appreciation in a welcoming environment?." This vignette in the Gallery features artworks that give a certain depth and story to an otherwise ordinary space. 


“Designing spaces is a never-ending process, but this year, I am resolved to come up with new ideas and always give my own take in designing useful yet inspiring spaces. I plan to always deliver what my clients need, and what my client's clients want. I want to push clients more actively to invest in important aspects in design like high-grade material that will last and, in the long run, is more practical. My group is determined to design a space that helps the community in cultivating creativity, creating jobs, and is an inspiration to others. I personally want to invest in art as a way to preserve special memories and nostalgia. I equally want to convince clients to invest in art to create a more meaningful and eventually valuable design. I will never let trends dictate my design and will always put the main intention of each space first.”—Wilmer Lopez


Photos by Daniel Soriano for Metro Home & Entertaining (thumbnail and cover photo)