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WATCH: Master Event Stylist Gideon Hermosa’s Craft Room Is Where All The Magic Begins

The setting for his craft tutorials and floral arrangements, this versatile space has morphed from craft room to Instagram Live studio

Just like how his notable event styling career began, Gideon Hermosa’s craft room was also built by him and his hard working team.  An area that is improvised, his craft space morphs into an Instagram studio where he conducts his Instagram Live sessions.  “Inimprovise namin, nilagyan namin ng wooden backdrop because on a normal day, or usually MWF, ginagawa ko siyang backdrop for my Instagram live where I usually impart my knowledge about table setting, floral arrangement, DIY things for events to my Instagram,” this event stylist says.


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Crafts, flower arrangements and table settings are just some of the things that happen in this space that is now made more special to the respected event stylist because it is where he imparts his knowledge and tricks of the trade to his followers.  “This space makes me so happy because this is where I usually share my knowledge about table setting, floral arrangement, recycling materials such as this one,” Gideon says.

"Gideonized" is a term used to refer to events that have been styled by this designer.  In Gideon Hermosa’s hands, simple materials such as cartolina and tissue paper core transform into festive flowers, buntings and other ephemara , details that make an event that much more memorable. 

Watch the tour of his favorite space here:


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