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WATCH: Inside A Photographer’s “Museum of Light”

Jar Concengco’s home was designed by Architect Denise de Castro to maximize natural light, and his favorite space, the family hall, is a haven for play and relaxation with his young children

“Upon learning that I was a photographer, our architect, Denise de Castro, really wanted to build this house [as] a museum of light, which means that every room is emitting light in a different way,” photographer Jar Concengco says, describing his home.

His favorite space, the family hall, located in the second floor of the home, specifically embodies his architect’s intention.  “This room is actually a very interesting place to be in, in different times of the day,” Jar says, referring to the manner by which natural light filters into the room from various directions, depending on the sun’s position throughout the day.  In this space, Jar spends a lot of time with his young children as their family shelters in place.


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Don’t let the home’s reference as a “Museum of Light” confine it to the definition of a stiff, rigid place.  Jar’s place is lived in, and with youngsters residing with him, it welcomes all manner of play and exploration.  Furnished with pieces that have grown with the family, sourced from Triboa Bay Living and Ishinomaki Lab (designed by Architect Keiji Ashizawa and Torafu Architects), the space has been a source of comfort for Jar and his brood.   

Jar and his wife, Kay, are particular about the scent of their home.  One nifty gadget they have is a diffuser from Muji and another is Hibi, a match and incense in one, providing ten minutes of aroma.

Watch more of the special features that have provided Jar Concengco and his family relief while in quarantine in this video:


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