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WATCH: Marga Nograles’ Living Room Is Her Sanctuary These Days

When things transition to the "new normal," she will always come back to this safe space at home, one that keeps her prayerful, focused and grateful

Marga Nograles, one of Metro’s Most Sylish women and founder of Kaayo, a local brand of ethically-sourced and sustainable clothing, describes how her living room has become  a multi-purpose space these days.  “It is now my home office, my meeting room, my creative work area, and I also transform it into my happy hour space when I do Zoom with my friends.  This space has been giving me my peace,” she says in the third episode of Metro.Style's Favorite Spaces.


Marga’s living room is a sanctuary wrapped in a calming gray neutral, a backdrop to a mix of serene beiges found as the colors on her sofa and her accent cushions.  An oriental rug and a bean bag invite cozy nesting in this space.  Sheer curtains let in a generous amount of light, perfect for entertaining a meditative and prayerful state of being.

The living room is Marga Nograles' favorite space these days. It has turned into a multi-purpose room, serving as her work from home office, her prayer room, and her creative area during isolation. | Still from Metro.Style Video

“With everything that’s going on these days, it’s important that you find time and the space to be able to pray.  Here, I am able to do that,” she says.  She shares six of her must-haves in this space:

A daily planner

Her water bottle

Peppermint essential oil which helps her when she feels claustrophobic

Her laptop which she has never used as much as this time in isolation

A small crate where she keeps personalized cards for when she is sending out packages from her home, such as the Kaayo masks she has been giving away lately

Her rosary which is a special reminder of her prayerful time in quarantine

Watch the episode to find out why Marga she loves this space: