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Tania Fricke Gives A Cheerful Welcome To The Heart and Soul Of Her Home… The Kitchen!

It is where she prepares meals fueled with passion and love

Laura Esquivel, the Mexican novelist who wrote Like Water for Chocolate, once said that “cooking is one the strongest ceremonies of life.”  This aptly describes Tania Fricke’s hearty welcome into her favorite space, her kitchen.

A lifestyle consultant and merchandiser + visual designer, Tania Fricke’s kitchen is where she prepares meals for her loved ones, fueled with passion and love.  In two-toned cabinets, beige panels framed with white borders, Tania stores all of her essentials, the spices, the condiments and the tools with which she cooks.  Her refrigerator is where she stores her spice and food finds from across the globe, scored during work-related trips.  Whereas other women are fond of collecting the latest designer purses and shoes, Tania indulges in local markets when she travels abroad, the better to truly witness a culture in its element. 

A still life from the heart of Tania Fricke's home, the kitchen. | Courtesy of Tania Fricke

 Amidst the backsplash of white tiles, her counter tops are brimming with produce, ingredients, baskets of bread and cook books for reference. We see a pathos plant framing the scene.  White Chippendale bamboo chairs form around a round table in the breakfast nook, accompanied by wooden stools, giving the setting a rustic element.  On the table is a setting that brings the sunshine it, via yellow napkins and a table runner printed with blue and yellow arabesques.  Blue goblets complement the yellow patterned rim of her plates, set against wicker chargers.  Last January, Tania arrived from a trip to Paris and Rome, and indeed, she has brought la dolce vita into this space!


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As the “heart and soul” of her home, Tania gives special attention to the organization of her pantry and the freezer.  Some tips from her:

1.    Separate items in the pantry so it’s easy to see what you have, avoiding wastage.

2.    Label the compartments in the freezer so you know where everything is.  

Tania not only gives our viewers a tour of her kitchen.  She also discusses soul cooking, processing and recycling.

Watch the video here:


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