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5 Beautiful Elements To Add A Festive Feel To Your Holiday Table Setting

It's finally Christmas time! Everyone must have had their Christmas trees and wreaths all prepped up and word about family dinners and reunions might have all gone out.


But is your dinner table graced enough to suit that sumptuous and most-awaited noche buena? Do you have what it takes to set a festive meal that goes well along with your delightful all-around Christmas home décor?

So, whether you opt for a dashing or subtle look in your table, hype up the holiday mood as you do a mix-and-match of decorations using these five whimsical table ornaments:


1. Classic and dynamic table napkins

Even before your family and guests could navigate through the table, give their eyes an appetizing treat through these elegantly folded table napkins, patterned and fastened in sterling gold leaf table napkin holders.



2. Indian art-patterned plates

Intricately designed and crafted plates can automatically transform any table set up from plain to dainty in no time. These Mehndi art-inspired set of plates, which could be traced back to India's traditional hand tattoo for nuptial ceremonies, definitely created a luscious and luxurious look in these ceramics alongside fine pairs of sterling silverware and table napkins.



3. Gold or silver table runners

Table runners stitched with a classic fringe on both sides give that subtle yet luxurious look as it covers the center portion of your table, creating balance and contrast between the elements present during your intimate dinner.



4. Foliage of vines

Make use of your Christmas vines as your stunning centerpiece placed on top of the table runner, and embellish it with other Christmas ornaments to complete the perfect festive look.




5. Christmas baubles, scented candles, and sparkling flowers

Surprise your family and guests with small decorative pieces like these festive accessories. These holiday eye candies can always match any accent of varying table themes as you place them in a careful and creative manner, to create and strike a look that's complementary to the overall them and one that will absolutely be complimented by your guests. 



Customizing your all-around home decorations can always be fun and quirky, especially if the best elements are at hand and you have your loved ones around to do the merry work with you. Hence, this work of art cannot truly compare to the memories made, which fill and satisfy everybody's heart and eye as the Yuletide season swiftly races itself towards the calendar.



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