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Finally, Safe Drinking Water Anytime, Anywhere

We discovered a product that just reached the Philippine shores, sailing all the way from The Netherlands: a new water filtration technology that requires zero electricity, and is  easy to use! Imagine having this in your own home—you’ll be less worried about water supply that your family can safely consume.

The Dutch are known for their expertise in water management, always seeking for the best and most sustainable solutions in this field: introducing the Basic Water Needs’ invention called the Tulip Table Top. What it does is provide the ultimate cleaning of contaminated or turbid water to make it potable and safe to drink.


The Tulip Table Top water filter


The Tulip-shaped filter


Apart from access to clean, filtered water, the Tulip Table Top is an environment-friendly and sustainable product. Here, the brand’s Managing Director in the Philippines, Wilbert Cua, details the key features and benefits of this product. 


What’s the technology behind this product?

The Dutch have invented a technology that utilizes three elements in the cleaning of the contaminated or turbid water: Diatomaceous Earth, Active Carbon, and Nano Silver. DE is a natural substance that has tiny pores that do not allow microorganisms to pass through; Active Carbon is a charcoal-like substance used for the absorption of pollutants and chemicals, and removes turbid smell and taste from the water, and; Nano Silver guarantees the safe storage of water, its controlled release ensures that bacteria will not grow on the filtered water for extended periods of time. The combination of the three elements ensures that even turbid and highly-contaminated water becomes safe and potable.


What is the best thing about this Tulip water filter?

First, it is simple—anybody can easily assemble and use the Tulip Table Top without the use of any tools. Second, it is safe, as the Tulip Table Top's three filtration elements provide quality drinking water. And finally, it is extremely affordable, and has a capacity to filter 7,000 liters of water.


How does this water filter help with sustainability?

Imagine a household that normally purchases water from a refilling station. With the Tulip Table Top, they won't need to get those delivered, thus immediately cutting emissions from delivery alone. In another instance, during a disaster situation, we see thousands upon thousands of bottled water being passed around which is both expensive and bad for the environment due to the plastic. Its long-lasting usage provides a much better and sustainable utility for everyday needs.